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Ville Leino Support Thread To Reemerge

Is it time to bring back the Ville Leino support thread?  It might be time to bring back a daily support thread until Leino scores his first goal of the season – even if its in a satirical role.

“Hi, my name is Tim Redinger, and I am a Sabres Fan.”

“Hi Tim.”

“I don’t understand how Ville Leino is still in the National Hockey Leauge, collecting a paycheck – while doing very little to support even the motivated effort the Buffalo Sabres are passing off as hockey this year.”

That is just about how the conversation would start if I had to join a Buffalo Sabres Fan Anonymous group.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not championing for Ville Leino at all, but think the Buffalo Sabres are stuck between a rock and a hard place, needing the Leino salary to meet the demands of the floor in the coming season.  Could Leino though be very well playing out what could be the last days he sees in a Buffalo Sabres sweater?

But when will the madness end with the once highly touted free agent?  After being a healthy scratch, and largely invisible when he is on the ice at all – Ville Leino skated for just twelve minutes and one second tonight, with no time short handed, and 1:50 seconds on the power play.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the poor hockey in Buffalo these days, but according to Leino – he is being mislabeled as the only one being held responsible for poor play.

“I’m sure it weighs on me, too, but obviously there are a lot of other guys on the team, too, that haven’t been able to really help that much either,” he said to the Buffalo News.

Leino did very little in his time on the ice tonight to prove he was making an attempt at fixing what is wrong with his game.  He had just won shot on net tonight.

Ville Leino is ninth on the team in scoring, with all 12 of his points coming in the form of assists.  As the second highest paid player on the Buffalo Sabres, production should be a lot higher.

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  • Richard Spalding

    Ha ha! You go right ahead and do that; trying to find ways to motivate myself to cheer for Leino was the most exhausting thing I’ve ever done!

  • Kevin

    Ahhh!! Geez not this again!! :-D IF Leino does score I want it to be RJ calling it. It may just be another one of his classic calls.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Thankfully this piece falls under the satirical category. I won’t put people through that again!

  • Joe

    John scott has more goals is all i have to say lol

  • Mike Lach

    He doesn’t deserve it but production may be better if placed on 2 or 3 line with more offensive minded (not talented) players. I’ve always thought when healthy a leino girgenson Foligno line would be great cycle players but that won’t happen. Leino may play better in his contract year or to at least garner trade interest to jump ship next season!

  • Mike Flynn

    The guy is a bum won’t stand up for his crappy play throws his teammates under the bus this guy has got to go I’d put him in the press box for the rest of the season so an injury doesn’t ruin the chance to compliance buy out him. When John Scott has more goals you know your in trouble. Don’t really care if playing better mins on lines 2-3 get him going don’t want him on the team.