Mar 11, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Nashville Predators right wing Patric Hornqvist (27) and Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers (57) have to be separated during the third period at First Niagara Center. Predators beat the Sabres 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres – Nashville Predators: Fan Picks!

Buffalo Sabres fans, we are THIS close to the end of the regular season.

Which means that we are THIS close to seeing who wins the free t-shirt I am giving out for the Sabre Noise faithful who have been routinely participating in our fan pick posts.  I know, I know – you’re all curious as to what the current standings are.  Believe me when I say that I am THIS close to having those done – seriously!

All right – so we do we have tonight?

Questions to consider:

1.  I will set the over/under tonight at 3.5.  I’m serious – these teams don’t score.   Do the two teams combine for 3 or less, or 4or more?   5 pts.

2. Pick three players from each team.   10 pts. for first goal-scorer.  5 pts. for any player who scores after the first goal.  2 pts. for a second goal scored.  20 pts. for the hattie!

3. What will the combined number of hits after the first period be?  7 pts. if you are within 5!

4. Matt Hackett gets the start tonight.  Within 5, how many saves does he make?  5 pts.

5. Who wins, and what will the combined final score be?  5 pts. for winning team, 7 for combined score.

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  • wolfdoctor

    Over; Ennis, Stafford, Hodgson, Shea Weber, Fisher, Spaling; 13 hits; 30 saves; Nashville wins 3-2 (5 total goals)

    • Richard Spalding

      +5 for over, +7 for Weber; +5 for Nashville and +7 for combined score = 24 pts.

  • Dano

    1.) Over. C’mon, 3.5? ;)
    2.) Weber, Smith, Fisher : Conacher, Stafford, Ennis.
    3.) 17 hits after 1period.
    4.) 29 saves for Hackett.
    5.) Nashville takes this in a 5 goal game.

    • Richard Spalding

      I’m being daring!

    • Richard Spalding

      +5 for over, +7 for Weber, +5 for Nashville and +7 for combined score = 24 pts.

  • Richard Spalding

    I will actually go under. Hey – I can’t win the free t-shirt, so why not? Spalling, Weber, Smith; Stafford, CoHo, Ennis. 16 hits after first. 26 saves for Hackett. Nashville wins 2-0.

    • Richard Spalding

      +7 for Weber, +5 for Nashville = 12 pts.