Buffalo Sabres At Nashville Predators: Reactions

Buffalo Sabres defenseman Henrik Tallinder apologized for the pitiful play of the team following their 6-1 loss to the Nashville Predators.

There are any number of adjectives that you could select to describe the effort of the Sabres tonight. Choose your own. I spent a solid 14 minutes during the game watching my cat bat around a cheese ball that he found, and it was more interesting than this team.

The Sabres duo of AHL goalies in Matt Hackett and Nathan Lieuwen gave up 6 goals on 34 shots. Buffalo somehow managed 33 shots, but only one by Rasmus Ristolainen found the back of the net.

Personally, I do not have much to say. As Buffalo Sabres fans, we have not seen a playoff-caliber team in a few years now, and this current roster is the worst one yet. The team was blatantly not motivated tonight, not interested in trying. If that is how the Sabres players feel, how are the fans supposed to feel? I am having a harder and harder time every day finding people in person to discuss the games with, as most of the other Sabres fans that I know are no longer watching the games nor following the team.

I would really love to go to the game on Saturday to watch Dominik Hasek get inducted into the Sabres Hall Of Fame, but I am having a hard time justifying the money it would cost for tickets, parking, food, drinks, and the gas from Rochester to Buffalo and back – just to watch this sloppy of a lineup. I was hoping that the game tonight would inspire me, but I guess it was not to be.

John Scott spent most of the game on the “top line” with Tyler Ennis and Drew Stafford tonight. THAT is how bad things are right now. I am done writing this. Leave your thoughts below.

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  • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

    Only 14 minutes watching the cat? You didn’t do yourself any favors!

    • AndrewAmerk

      Sorry Rich. He got bored of the cheese ball and sauntered into another room.

  • Kevin

    I watched the Blues, not the blues haha. Seriously it appears to the Sabres are playing without a purpose, and at this point who can blame them. Yes they are playing for jobs, but how many more games does this staff need to see this group. I think they already know who they are going to dump.

    • AndrewAmerk

      I would’ve loved to watch the Blues. Def rooting for them to get the Cup!

      • Kevin

        I was actually going back and forth.

  • Benjamin M Taylor

    I will definitely be writing some letters to the Sabres organization telling them how displeased I am with their product. The NHL is a business, and this organization is not doing anything to inspire me to spend my hard earned money on their product. What a shame. I used to wake up at 3 AM on my deployment to Afghanistan to listen to the games, when I wasn’t sleeping in a f********g foxhole. I’ll be spending my money somewhere else next season. I’ll always be a Sabres fan at heart, but I have better things to do with my time than suffer with this inadequate product they keep putting on the ice. What else in a capitalist society convinces you to buy something knowing that “there will be some suffering” if you choose to purchase it?

    • Timothy Redinger

      Not sure where you have been all season, but this is the only way this team is going to get better. Next season isn’t going to be any easier to watch. There is no leadership on this team, no one to stand in the room and lighting that fire. Writing a letter to the Buffalo Sabres isn’t going to do you any good, because the team sold all of its good assets to put this sort of team on the ice to get these sorts of results so they could draft high.

      • AndrewAmerk

        They had a leader. They traded him away.

      • Benjamin M Taylor

        Tim: You’ve pointed out the obvious: The Sabres suck because they were mismanaged, and now they have to get worse (possibly setting the RECORD for the lowest scoring team in NHL history, in a market where the NHL is trying to increase viewership by increasing scoring…) to dig themselves out of the hole. It’s no excuse for this kind of ineptitude. When grown men like Ville Leino get paid 4.5 million dollars per year, and don’t care to earn their money, it says to me something is wrong with this society. I’m not sure what you meant by “where you have been all season”, but if you meant DVRing all 82 games and rewatching many to break down errors and celebrate the few wins we’ve had, you would be right on.
        You completely missed my point. I am a paying customer, and therefore have a right to my opinion. I also have a right to express myself before I refuse to purchase a product again. And that’s where I’m at. I tried to express how loyal a fan I was by pointing out that even when my ass was getting shot at, I still kept up with my hockey club. Years later, now that I have some free time and energy, I would have loved to sit down and enjoy watching some Sabres games. Instead, I am filled with disappointment and anger, in the club, and people like Ville Leino.
        I was attempting to point out a particular oddity about professional sports (ESPECIALLY IN BUFFALO) in a capitalist society: If a business produces a poor product, people refuse to buy it. Would you frequent a restaurant where the General Manager says, “you may have to endure some suffering” after eating the food? No, but Sabres fans continue to consume the product. So, enjoy your emotional diarrhea next season, since you are aware that “next season isn’t going to be any easier”.
        And yes, writing a letter will do me some good, by providing some feedback to the organization about how loyal fans are now turning their backs on an inferior product. And letting me vent. But I promise not to use any swear words.
        Enjoy the draft.

  • Joe

    After 3 goals i turbed it off. I tuned back in the 3rd period bc there was nothing else on and i had nothing else dvred waiting to be watched. I think nolan put scott on the first line to try to prove a point. If u work hard while on the ice u will get rewarded. If i were nolan the ehole team woukdve been stsying on the ice abd skating suicides till they threw up after that pitiful effort last night

    • AndrewAmerk

      If I were Nolan, I would’ve suited myself up and went out there in the 3rd.

  • Mike Flynn

    Wow just wow do people remember other teams that were bad?? THIS is the only way we get better, and really what do you expect from this team would you have any motivation to go to work if you knew your company was finishing with the lowest earnings in its class? The sabres are a bad team yes it’s pretty clear but what do u expect from a team that sold off its franchise goalie two top tier scorers and their captain they are a rebuilding team not an allstar Stanley cup contender if u are a fan ull stick by them cause I garentee u will be back in a few years or so when the team is good again saying how you were there through the bad stuff ect ect. Now we are writing letters to management… Seriously?? Regier is gone ruff and rolston what more do u want from Murray he’s done a fine job handling the mess regier left. Have some loyalty and stop crapping on your team and just wait for draft day at least we are not the islanders.

    • AndrewAmerk

      By no means would I expect any of these players to be world beaters, but I’d still expect them to go out and compete.

      Aside from Deslauriers, I didn’t see any notable effort from anyone else.