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Buffalo Sabres At Nashville Predators Three Stars

Boy, this was a tough one.

The Buffalo Sabres were throttled early, ultimately ending up on the short-end of a 6-1 score against the Nashville Predators.  Matthew Hackett was pulled after allowing four goals in the first 20 minutes.  Nathan Lieuwen mopped up the final two periods as the Sabres sleep-walked through almost three periods of hockey at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Below are the Three Stars for tonight:

3.  Matt D’Agostini

D’Agostini logged the most minutes of any forward with a plus/minus of zero.  He also tallied the most shots on net with five.  So he didn’t allow a goal while on the ice, and put the most pucks on net.  That earns you third star.

2. Rasmus Ristolainen

He only had one shot on net tonight, which ended up being Buffalo’s lone goal of the evening with an assist from Johan Larsson.  The fact that both Larsson and Ristolainen have a total of 48 NHL games on their resume and weren’t even on the roster 48 hours ago speaks volumes about the rest of the veterans on this team.

1.  You, the fan

Yes, the person reading this.  You are the number one star.  After watching 73 games this season, the Sabres have officially hit rock bottom.  The fact that you actually spent time watching tonight’s game is a credit to you, the fan.  Discounting all of the injuries and trades that have occurred over the past several months, Tim Murray has officially put a product on the ice that simply doesn’t care.  Their lack of effort tonight reeked of indifference, and Buffalo sat by tonight while Nashville took their lunch money, books, and shirts off of their backs.  The only player that showed any spark of life was Nicolas Deslauriers, a rookie with a total of 10 NHL games under his belt and the only Sabre to get into a fight, nearly starting a second at the end of the game.  If the Sabres are on a mission to secure the worst record in the league, so be it.  But at least show a little heart on the way there, especially when you are expecting paying customers to actually come watch you play a game that you get paid to play.

Buffalo returns home on Saturday against Tampa Bay.

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