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New York Islanders Keeping 2014 Draft Pick

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It would make sense – go with the known right Garth Snow?  The New York Islanders are reportedly preparing to use the 5th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Entry draft – but nothing official has come out.

So where are reports coming from.  Elliotte Friedman wrote this in his 30 Thoughts:

9. Long Island News 12 producer Rob Del Muro with a good tip: Islanders GM Garth Snow attended a season-ticket holder event last week and told one fan, “It would be a safe wager on his part that we would utilize this year’s (first-round draft) pick.” The team has until June 1 to let the Buffalo Sabres know about the selection. If not, Buffalo gets New York’s 2015 first-rounder. The GM added the fan “could wager any amount of money because it wasn’t MY money.” Good line.

So Garth Snow says its a safe bet that the team would use this year’s pick and go with the known.  Unfortunately for Garth Snow – you don’t know where your team will end up next year, and the draft class should be better next year according to all reports.

I for one, hope one of two things happens, only to see Garth Snow falter even more.  (It’s nothing personal New York Islanders fans – it’s a Garth Snow thing).

1 – You give up this year’s pick even after these stories come out about you making the safe bet that you use the pick, only to have your team do well enough next year to not be picking in the top half of the draft.  (ok – unlikely, it is the New York Islanders we are talking about).

2 – Keep this year’s pick, and give next year’s first round draft pick.  You tell your fans go with the known.  We know what this pick will bring the New York Islanders.  We don’t know about next year.  Well I sure hope you do your greatest Mike Milbury impression and give us next year’s pick, and then have it turn out to be the draft lottery winning pick.

Of course that last point wouldn’t happen because the league would never let the Buffalo Sabres draft top overall.  Spun the right way though – next year’s New York Islanders pick is likely going to bring about a better player than this years.  Or at least, I can hope that so long as they are giving up the pick.

Of course, the New York Islanders and Buffalo Sabres are looking at draft pick discussions as the hottest topics in April, and Thomas Vanek is preparing for the second round of the playoffs.

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