Michael Dal Colle Potential Draft Pick For Buffalo Sabres

As we all know, the Sabres had a bit of a scoring problem last season. The hope is that this problem will be addressed by Tim Murray and the rest of the Sabres’ staff come draft time. With a solid number of top talents available as scorers (i.e Sam Reinheart and Sam Bennet) the Sabres ought to have a good look at Michael Dal Colle.

 Michael Dal Colle is Ranked top five in the North American Skaters available Prospects (according to NHL.com) and (also according to NHL.com’s prospect bio) has a solid frame at 6 foot 2 and 172lbs. He put up fantastic numbers for last season by scoring 39 goals and 95 total points. Now it is granted that he did this at the OHL level, but hear me out. Watching Dal Colle’s video highlights from his games this year, from goals, assists, to defensive skill, this kid has got it all.


 Without a doubt his finest tuned feature that should be strongly viewed by the Sabres is Dal Colle’s shot. His wrist shot is quick, hard, and precise and would be highly valued by a team seeking offense. Another fine feature that Dal Colle possesses is his vision. When watching his video, you can see him reading the play at a faster pace than everyone else on the ice and he knows where to go to create the best scoring chance. He’s not a selfish player either which is great to have, but he does have a shooter’s mentality. This kid loves to score goals and deserves a strong look by the Sabres.

He may be projected to go in a lower spot than the Sabres #2 pick but his overall skill, shot, and vision is something the Sabres could use. He’s a pure sniper. It’s that plain and simple. He will bring the scoring touch needed to make the Buffalo Sabres a better team. If Michael Dal Colle reaches his full potential then the Sabres will have a scorer with the skill level of someone like Eric Staal. He would be a great player to build around and would be great paired with Center, Tyler Ennis.

Check out his skills for yourself in this highlights video.


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  • Justin Tosczak

    Worth a look, but to take him over either of the Sam’s would be very, very risky.

  • Jason Czora

    Aren’t you the same guy that thinks Thomas Vanek was awesome? :)

    • ende

      Thomas Vanek was awesome. Unfortunately nobody else around him was.

      • Mike Flynn

        He sure is playing lights out for the habs………..

      • Jason Czora

        Is that why he’s not even seeing the ice? He’s lazy and terrible and selfish. He was awesome before his injury prior to the lockout

        • ende

          I did say was

  • Mike Flynn

    If we had the isles pick at 5 I’d take him for sure but I’d take reinhart at two

  • mcguizzy

    Michael dal Colle is the best player in the draft. He will make the biggest impact at the next level