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Buffalo Sabres Daily Dasher: Tyler Myers, Jack Adams, And Laviolette

Good morning Buffalo Sabres fans.  I missed providing you with some great hockey links yesterday, so I apologize, but I am back today to bring you your morning reading material.

Buffalo Sabres Links

With Ted Nolan returning as head coach, Tyler Myers will become a dominant force.  [Sports Media 101].

A dominant force?  I think he still has a long way to go before you could consider him a dominant force.  In the coming season he will emerge as a good defenseman again as he rebuilds his confidence and finds his game again, but I don’t see him as being dominant for several years.

Don’t give up on the kid, and you will have a force on the blue line for years to come, but you have to let him play his game.

NHL Links

Mike Babcock of the Detroit Red Wings, Jon Cooper of the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Patrick Roy of the Colorado Avalanche for the Jack Adams Trophy.  [CBS Sports].

So if you have good players, really good players on a rebuilding team you get nominated for the Jack Adams these days?  That means Ted Nolan should be a Jack Adams finalist in 2015 or 2016 no?

Peter Laviolette was hired as coach of the Nashville Predators because he has a history of making teams better in a hurry. [USA Today].

The first paragraph says it all.  History of making teams better in a hurry.  Not, he’s a great motivator that works well with kids that can get us through this tough time.

Buffalo Sabres fans are happy that Ted Nolan was resigned as head coach, but I get that this hiring is more of an appeasement tactics to the fans because it gives them something to wish and hope on, instead of getting good quickly.  It is also not just the coaches that turn the teams around though.  But the Nashille Predators are according to GM David Poille:

“…are excited to have a coach that has turned franchises around, won in the playoffs, and won a Stanley Cup.”

The Buffalo Sabres hired and kept a guy that barely hugged a .500 record as coach in the NHL.

Realignent and new playoff format already paying off for NHL.  [SB Nation].

You know what, at first I was a little hesitant about the new playoff structure.  A wild card team from one division in the conference could win the division title of the other conference.  Just didn’t make sense.  Rekindling old rivalries and making the playoffs feel like they did when I was a kid.  Sign me up every year for that.  Just hope they don’t mess it up.

Stanley Cup Playoff Tracker

Chicago Blackhawks (2) vs Minnesota Wild (1)

Los Angeles Kings (2) vs Anaheim Ducks (0)

Montreal Canadiens (2) vs Boston Bruins (1)

Pittsburgh Penguins (2) vs New York Rangers (1)

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