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Sam Reinhart Potential Draft Pick for Buffalo Sabres

To continue to adress the Sabres need for offense next year, the next potential draft pick for the Sabres being profiled here is Sam Reinhart. There has been a lot of buzz about this kid amongst the Sabres fan base and for good reason. He’s a great hockey player already and has the potential to be even better.

NHL Draft - Where will Sam Reinhart go?He’s not the biggest guy to hit the ice, but at 6 foot 1 and 185 pounds Sam Reinhart definitely has an NHL sized frame. NHL.com’s draft rankings have Reinhart at the #3 spot on the list of North American Skaters, and his statistics showcase some of the reason why. He put up 36 goals and 105 points in only 60 games this season! Now Reinhart isn’t one of those players that have solid stats but lack the skill to truly back it up, he’s a dynamic player with useful qualities that most teams would want.

Sam Reinhart of the WHL’s Kootney Ice combines every aspect of his game into each night of playing. He’s a smooth skater and has incredible hockey smarts. He is very intelligent with and without the puck on his stick. When he has it he is able to survey the ice and look for the best available pass to him (and sometimes is able to make the pass happen regardless of its possibility) and when he doesn’t have the puck, he’s not afraid to go to the high scoring areas and get his hands dirty.

When he has the puck and makes a pass, it is precise and accurate, but when Reinhart chooses to shoot the puck his release is smooth and on point. His best asset by far is his passing ability as well as his ability to make an offense run smoothly.

Sam Reinhart would be a great player for the Sabres to build around if they took him at #2 overall this year. They would have a highly skilled player with plenty of hockey knowledge to be able to succeed on this team, and with Head Coach Ted Nolan behind him, he will develop into a very hard working player that will be able to make the Sabres into a well oiled scoring machine.

I see his best chances at success being a center for Mikhail Grigorenko. It would give Reinhart the ability to have the puck on his stick and work his magic, and then with Grigorenko’s slick hands and scoring touch those two would be a solid pair.

Watch Reinhart’s highlights here below and let me know if you think he would be a good fit with the Sabres.

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  • DashingDave314

    They’ll take either Ekblad or Reinhart, depending on who the Florida Panthers choose. Reinhart would probably be the best fit. They need offense, but you can’t pass on a guy like Ekblad. If they aren’t high on Ekblad, the Sabres could get a nice package to trade down.

    Very good assessment of Reinhart. His hockey IQ is off the charts and he’s extremely skilled.

    • http://www.sabrenoise.com Tim Redinger

      Murray doesn’t think Eklad is a franchise player, so I doubt he is even on the Sabres radar.

  • Mike Flynn

    Hope they take Reinhart I don’t have a good feeling about Bennett and with the two first round dmen taken last year don’t see them taking ekblad

  • davidmuscalo

    There’s little to get excited about in this year’s draft. Unfortunately, the Sabres’ picked the wrong year to tank. If the team is to be improved, it will have to happen through free agency and trades. As the AHL Playoffs demonstrated, there is isn’t a whole lot of talent in Rochester in spite of the ridiculous claims made by both the previous and current management. It certainly doesn’t appear that any of the Amerks are ready for the NHL although I am certain many of them will be playing in Buffalo next season due to the dearth of talent on the current Sabres’ team.

    • Andrew alvarado

      Deslauriers, Johan Larson, grigorenko, are all ready and will be with the sabres. As well as ruhwedel, ristolainen and possibly pysyk although they might keep him down with the Amerks to have McCabe come up. We have quite a few extremely talented guys in the Amerks system man. Those 6/7 are nhl ready though and are going to be a huge part to this rebuild.

      • davidmuscalo

        I’ll believe that when I see it.

      • wolfdoctor

        Most of these players will likely be shuttling back and forth to Rochester. I think Grigorenko will be traded (gut feeling).

    • Andrew alvarado

      Armia, reinhart, coho. That would be a line worth paying to see. We’ll have 4 lines in which all can score. No people getting mad that there 4th liners every line will play a decent amount of minutes and score goals I can’t wait to see the sabres in a few years. Also what does everyone think of the goalie situation? Keep neuverith ? Keep enroth? Or trade one of them to a team in need of a starting goalie for a prospect or good draft pick or both and bring lieuwen up?. Or trade hacket or liuwen in rochester and bring makarov up on a permanent basis In rochester because that kid reminded me of the dominator with the Amerks he was a game changer many games and deserves a spot in the ahl.

      • davidmuscalo

        I’d keep Neuverith, he deserves a chance to prove himself. We all ready know that Enroth is incapable of providing consistent goal tending from game to game. He has had numerous chances to prove himself and he has failed to do so. I’d look to get a draft pick or two in a trade. If not, let him try free agency or sign in the KHL where he belongs. As for Hackett and Liuwen, the jury is still out, but, obviously, neither is capable to be a starting goalie in the NHL yet.

  • Andrew alvarado

    I agree with you 100% that reinhart would be the best pick for us. We have talent but lack playmakers. Crosby has more assist than goals because he not only has an all star team around him but he makes guys around him better and makes passes that a high schooler could score off of. However I disagree having reinhart center grigo. Grigorenko is a center and after watching him play in rochester that’s his natural position he’s started to for check play a two way game and he makes crisp clean passes and holds on to the puck with his big frame people have trouble getting him off the puck. In the future out first line center will be girgensons I believe he’s going to be a carbon copy of Ryan johansen from the blue jackets a big center who plays 2 ways has sick hands and bust his ass to be the best player every night. Grigorenko will be our second line center and I believe reinhart will be our 3rd. Put reinhart on a like with Joel armia and foligno to start his career. Due to his size I feel having him center a line of 2 big body’s who crash the net taking attention away from him will let him thrive in blue and gold. Our prospect pool is insane though adding reinhart will give us 4 centers with awesome ability in girgensons, grigorenko, reinhart and Larson. Plus our defense has some nasty guys coming up. We’ll be a carbon copy of the blues but better!

    • Chris Kapsiak

      You make some okay points except the point on grigensons. That has always been one of this towns problems, we fall in love with players. Yes I do love his work ethic , however stop mistaking work ethic for skill. He doesn’t have the skill to be first line center. If our team is built correctly he will fit best as 3rd line center, and will help greatly to provide secondary scoring, something the Sabres have always lacked. As well he will be a leader. But if he is a number one center , then we got problems.

      • wolfdoctor

        I agree. I have penciled-in girgensons to eventually be a third line center. But the 3rd line will be quite good. Can’t wait until about 2018 to see everything come together.

  • Jason Czora

    I agree that Reinhart would be a great choice. Scoring is what the Sabres need. If you look at the past few years Stanley Cup champs numbers you will see that they rank amongst the worst in the league in the goals against category but are at the top of the league in goals for. How that idiot DARCY didn’t see that I will never know. He destroyed this team. I just hope that these draft picks are supplemented with some great off season pick ups. Unfortunately the Sabres dealt everyone and anyone worth a dam on this team this year. So only time will tell

  • SemiahmooWR

    Reinhart is projected to be taken first in the draft. Unless the Sabres swap something for the Panthers first overall draft pick they’re probably not getting him. Dale Tallon has made it clear he’s willing to trade away their first overall draft pick. Food for thought.

    • http://www.sabrenoise.com Tim Redinger

      Reinhart is one of three that could be taken first overall. Aaron Ekblad has been reported as the number one overall as well. Until it happens, there is open speculation as to who will go number one, who will go number two, and so on. Also I believe it was said that for the right price, Florida would move the first pick.