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Buffalo Sabres Daily Dasher: NHL Ice Pops, Conner McDavid, KHL

Its the weekend!!  Thank heavens it is finally here.  This week seemed to drag on but a little bit of respite is finally here.  Here are some morning links and a fair dose of opinion to go with them.

Buffalo Sabres Links

Paul Hamilton is finally happy to see a bold move by a Buffalo general manager instead of the safe pick.  [WGR550].

The Buffalo Bills paid a lot to ensure they got the guy they wanted in the 2014 draft.  Sammy Watkins better be worth two first round picks and a late round pick.  I don’t think the Buffalo Sabres need to be so bold with their first round pick, but with the plethora of picks and prospects that they do have, would it be crazy to think they cant move into the first round either this year or next, on top of where they are already selecting?  They are guaranteed their own first round pick in the next two drafts, they have a first round pick from the New York Islanders (either this draft or the next) and they could get another from the St. Louis Blues (unlikely).

Can Tim Murray turn the wealth of prospects and later round draft picks into another first rounder on top of what they already have?  With nothing left to lose in Buffalo, isn’t it time to go big or go home?

How would the Buffalo Sabres fair against the remaining playoff teams?  Not well, at least on paper.  [Sports Media 101].

The best part about being a writer, fantasy.  Making somthing up because there is just nothing else going on.  Not that I am saying this author shouldn’t have written this story.  But do you know why they call the post season the second season?  Because the regular season is nothing more than an 82 game rat race (more of a marathon) for sixteen teams to hit the reset button and start over.  What you did or didn’t do in October means nothing if you are still playing in the second week of May.

NHL Links

The NHL is selling popsicles made from the ice that your favorite team has played on?  Sounds tasty.  [Yahoo Sports].

Ok, for the record before you get all grossed out thinking of all the snot rockets, lung biscuits, blood, and sweat that has fallen on the ice in a given hockey game, these are made from the same water that makes the ice in the arenas, not the ice surface itself.

Still gross when you think about it.  Remember those ice creams you got with the gumball for eyes?  All that is missing here is a gumball tooth with a little bit of bloody gums still on the root for more effect.

Connor McDavid headed to the KHL? []

I don’t think it has to be said, that the KHL has to really think that about picking players that will realistically have a chance at appearing in games in the KHL.

Stanley Cup Playoff Tracker

Chicago Blackhawks (2) vs Minnesota Wild (2)

Los Angeles Kings (2) vs Anaheim Ducks (1)

Boston Bruins (2) vs Montreal Canadiens (2)

Pittsburgh Penguins  (3) vs New York Rangers (2)


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