June 22, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Mikhail Grigorenko poses for a photo after being selected as the number twelve overall draft pick to the Buffalo Sabres in the 2012 NHL Draft at CONSOL Energy Center. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Leon Drasaitl Potential Draft Pick For The Buffalo Sabres

If the Sabres hope to do a good turnaround next season, then they need to look for the right player for them in this years draft. It’s not about taking the best player in the draft, but rather taking the best player for your team in the draft. I mean look at what happened with the first overall selection in the 2012 draft. The Oilers went to pick Nail Yakupov first overall and passed on the defenseman they desperately needed in Ryan Murray. The Sabres are in a position to pick the best possible player for them, and have so many good options. One of these options is Leon Drasaitl.

Drasaitl is a forward for the Prince Albert Raiders and is a great combination of size and skill. Out of all of the offensive prospects available in the draft, Drasaitl the most deceptive for his size. At 6 foot 1 and 209 pounds, he’s got the frame to be able to play in the NHL. His playing style, along with his powerful skating ability make him an offensive threat to be reckoned with.

Drasaitl is absolutely relentless on the puck. His work ethic is phenomenal, and has the offensive charge to add to it. He can attack the puck carrier and strip him of the puck, or at least make them cough it up in an opportune way. Drasaitl then can make the offensive magic he created happen. He has a quick release when he shoots and maintains control of the puck. On top of that, he has great playmaking abilities and can be rather creative with them. There’s no lack of scoring ability when it comes to this kid, especially when last season he scored 38 goals and 105 points.

Where would he fit in the Sabres organization? I believe that his best chance at success would be to play alongside of Zemgus Girgensons. The two of them would be an absolute annoyance to opposing teams. Drasaitl would be the offensive threat of the line, and Girgensons would provide the added energy to the line. If he were to choose to stay, Chris Stewart would be a solid third to add to that line. Three large imposing men that can pose an offensive threat is a weapon that the Sabres could use quite well. Just look at the Anaheim Ducks’ first line. It seems to be working for them quite well.

What do you all think?

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  • wolfdoctor

    A slow, but skillful player. The Sabres already have one of those (Grigorenko). I sure hope the Sabres pick Ekblad or one of the Sams instead.

  • qwicwted

    You know what would be interesting is….if Calgary at #4 or Edmonton at #3 take Tyler Meyers and #30 or #39 in trade since Ekblad will end up being picked 1st or 2nd. Edmonton doesn’t have another pick until Round 4, so it might make sense for them to get a solid D and an early Round 2 in exchange for their #3. Same could be said of Calgary – get a top d-man and then have 3 picks in Round 2 with the first two being on the front end.

    In all honesty, I would like to see Buffalo pick up Reinhart, Bennett or Leon Draisaitl. Getting 2 of the 3 would really change the attitude and complexion of the team.

    • Vic Soga

      Rumour from Edmonton people at the Memorial Cup yesterday was Myers and Stafford for first pick and a player to be named. Ideally for 2015 but if it is 2014, two of the three names you mentioned would be great.

      • qwicwted

        That trade would make sense to me. Stafford played well enough once Nolan took over – he regained his confidence and is playing more to his strengths – he has shown that he can be a leader and thus mentor the Edmonton youth. Myers would be a top D pairing for them, but also give them a veteran presence. I think while most people are looking to the 2015 draft for Conner McDavid, Buffalo has to realize it’s history of always being the bridesmaid and IMO they should make a deal to take two of the top 5 picks this year. We’ve got one for sure – let’s get the other. I prefer that we take two Sam’s, but one Sam and a Leon would be fine to me.
        I think a good pickup would be to go after Dan Boyle this year as a mentor for our young D.I would rather see him over Tillander, Boyle has some nastiness to him and I think signing him to a two-three year deal (bonus driven) would benefit the Sabres.

      • jimbobv2

        I don’t see Edmonton giving up the 3rd pick for Myers and Stafford.

        They’ll want a D with far fewer ups and downs if they move the 3rd pick. Or, they might have Ekblad fall to them if Bennett & Reinhart go 1-2….

      • bigolbig

        Why trade Myers? He’s locked up for years and has the potential to be a franchise defensemen. You don’t give up guys like that.

  • davidmuscalo

    It’s a crap shoot regardless of who gets picked. I really don’t get very excited about draft picks; there have been too many disappointments.

  • jimbobv2

    I trust Murray to make the call whether it’s Ekblad, Bennett, Reinhart, Drasaitl, or someone else.

    I like Reinhart and Bennett more than LD, but Murray knows better than I.

    I just hope that Ekblad goes #1 so the Sabres don’t have to debate D vs F and they can just take a F.

  • jntoronto

    I’m envious of Sabres fans. At least you can look forward to a full proper rebuild whereas the Leafs are always in a “retool” situation which never goes anywhere.