Jun 30, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; A general view of the stage between picks during the 2013 NHL Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bennett: Potential Draft Pick For Buffalo Sabres

Each NHL team desires that one stud player that they can count on to score a solid chunk of their goals every season. The Penguins have Sidney Crosby, the Capitals have Alex Ovechkin, the Lightning have Steven Stamkos, and the list goes on amongst the league. The Sabres are in a premier position to be able to get themselves a stud scorer, and his name is Sam Bennett; a 6 foot tall 181 pound forward from the Kingston Frontenacs.

Bennet is the most versatile forward amongst the top offensive talent available in this years draft. He is able to shift from center to wing (which is something handy the Sabres could utilize) and he is able to succeed at both positions. Bennett is a pure sniper that uses his blazing speed and natural scoring touch to score his goals in both creative and simple fashion. This kid has hands as slick as Jason Spezza of the Senators, and the shot skill of Patrick Marleau of the Sharks. He never gives up on a play and perseveres to make the scoring chance happen. On top of that, he has the natural touch to finish the play himself if need be. This is what teams need out of a stud scorer.

His best feature, without a doubt, is his speed and scoring touch. His ability to change the pace of a game with one burst of speed and one shot on goal is what makes Same Bennett the most lethal scorer available this year. His playmaking ability is still there with his 55 assists in 57 games this season, and his 36 goals go on to prove his offensive abilities as a sniper. All of these qualities come together to form a future scoring star for whoever (hopefully the Sabres) takes him in the top 5 this summer.
But where would Bennett fit in the Sabres organization? If the Sabres do truly believe the Cody Hodgson is the first line center of this team, then Bennett would fit extremely well with him. They both have an offensive mindset and combining Hodgson’s playmaking skills with Bennett’s scoring touch would make for a dangerous pairing. It would benefit the production of both players and would lead to eventual success of the offense fairly quickly.

Below is some of Bennett’s scoring work. What do you all think?

After reading all of my pieces on who the Sabres should pick and why, I’m curious as to who all of you think that the Sabres should take with the #2 pick this year.


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  • wolfdoctor

    (Eventually in a few years) I see McDavid / Eichel being the 1st line center. Bennett / Reinhart being the 2nd line center. Girgensons being the 3rd line center. Hodgson will become 1st or 2nd line left wing. Ennis will become 1st or 2nd line right wing. Grigorenko will be traded or will eventually go back to Russia.

    • Jacob Strozyk

      don’t be so quick on grigorenko. don’t forget that he did say that he wanted to play in the nhl and he chose to stay here. he could have went back to russia at almost any point, but chose to stay here and play for the team that drafted him and believes in him

      • wolfdoctor

        Maybe, but I think the Sabres management didn’t like some of the things Grigorenko had to say in Quebec after he returned there. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was traded on draft day.

  • Ben Gardner

    I believe girgensons will be the second line center with grigerinko on the 3rd line, I’m not quite sure if Ennis has a place in the future of the team and I see a first line of Bennett whoever we get with the first or second pick next year (because we will be that bad for 1 more year) and hopefully Ryan Callahan because that is now our weakest point so we should push to sign him. O and hodge son at second line lw cause he has been excelling at that position

  • qwicwted

    I know people are looking at the 2015 draft to “complete” our team, but I think this draft could give us a solid foundation with 2015 being the icing on the cake. The money is on Florida taking Ekblad which would open up a trade scenario with Edmonton or Calgary as their #1 need is D. I would like to see Bflo trade Myers and our #30 or #39 draft pick for Edmonton’s #3 or Calgary’s #4. Even if Fl doesn’t take Ekblad, having the #2 and #3 picks would allow us to pick up Ekblad, Reinhart, Bennett or Draisaitl – anyone two of the four would complement what we already have and add to our core. I understand the reasoning behind the Islanders keeping their #5 as they need to do something this year to excite their fans.
    I guess my thinking is, we know what we have this year and with Buffalo always being a bridesmaid – I would rather get some solid players this year, than bank on where we’ll end up next year. Ideally I could be really happy getting Reinhart, Bennett or Draisaitl.