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Buffalo Sabres Daily: Ryan Miller, Draft Picks, FOMOH

Jaroslav Halak finally found a home!  After sharing the crease in St. Louis, a stop over with the Buffalo Sabres, closing the year out with the Washington Capitals to having his rights sold, Halak can finally unpack his suitcase.  His final resting home?  The New York Islanders.  Normally this would just be another random name connected to the Buffalo Sabres, if not for the fact that we want him to absolutely tank next season so the New York Islanders pick to Buffalo is a high one.  [Yahoo Sports].

So the Islanders went with the known in the shorter draft of 2014, risking  being better next year and giving Buffalo a lesser draft pick.  According to Garth Snow, he had little choice in the decision.  But the Islanders are going to need another solid goaltender, as Halak needs to be a 1a 1b type guy.

If resigning Ryan Miller was never the plan, there should be zero talk of actually trying to resign him when July 1 comes around.  [Bleacher Report].

I mean seriously, even if he came back on his hands and knees begging to play for half of what we paid him before, Tim Murray would be best to let Ryan Miller and his agent live off his wife earnings for the rest of his life.

There will be demand for Ryan Miller.  Someone will want to offer him a contract next season – but given his recent past and his up and down career, does someone run that risk of making him their number one only to see him flame out, or secondly realize he is too far away from his wife to care about playing hockey?

Gary Bettman named Sports Executive of the Year? [CBS Sports].  Seriously, are we having this conversation right now?  We are only ONE season removed from the third lockout of his career.  Should we really be championing the guy that has alienated fans?  They must have gotten the envelopes mixed up for the Sports Executive Most Booed by Fans.

I mean, its not like the Spirit of 1994 lived on making hockey or the NHL one of the most demanded and popular sports in North America.  [The Street].  I mean that is #fomoh.  What we have now, is more like Fomoh light.

Stanley Cup Conference Finals

Chicago Blackhawks (1) vs Los Angeles Kings (1)

New York Rangers (2) vs Montreal Canadiens (1)

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