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Buffalo Sabres Draft Pick Poll: New York Islanders 2015 Draft Pick

The New York Islanders made it official yesterday, telling the Buffalo Sabres that they will not be getting two draft picks in this years top five, instead Garth Snow keeping the fifth overall pick this year – a decision that most people were anticipating.

Obviously the New York Islanders are banking and hoping that things won’t fall apart on them next season as they did this.  Giving Buffalo a late first round pick would be in their best interest, and would most likely save Garth Snow from further embarrassment on the Thomas Vanek trade that he overpaid for.

The Buffalo Sabres have to be hoping for the New York Islanders to be just as bad as this year; so they get a fairly high lottery pick next year.  So while they look to draft as high as possible next year, Buffalo Sabres fans can hope the New York Islanders are the scourge of the Metropolitan division again – in what is a much deeper draft class, the class of 2015.

Working In The Buffalo Sabres Favor

Jaroslav Halak is dictating the future just as much as trading Thomas Vanek did – as he is now the number one goalie in Brooklyn.  Cast aside by the St. Louis Blues for Ryan Miller, refusing to play in Buffalo, only to be traded to the Washington Capitals and then have his rights moved to the New York Islanders, Halak has been on the move since coming to Buffalo.  While a decent goaltender in his own right, he shouldn’t be considered the anointed savior of the New York Islanders as they hope he would be.

The Islanders have to overcome a lot in their division to make it into the playoffs next year.  You have to be better than the New York Rangers, the Philadelphia Flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, and Boston Bruins.  That is just counting the teams that should be a lock to get into the playoffs next year.

So are you happy with the fact that the Buffalo Sabres now have three first round draft picks for 2015?

Are you happy with the Islanders Choice Of Deferring Pick To Next Year

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  • Victorious Secret

    Another sabre name in the pot for mcdavid

  • Greg G

    It’s not called overpaying…it’s called a risk. Vanek played great but didn’t ‘re-sign. You say Halak won’t be the savior for the Islanders, but he will be better than what they have had in a a long time and they got him relatively cheap. Buffalo lost Moulson, Miller and their captain in one season and finished worse than the Isles, who have possible new owners, a new arena and a new city on the way. Don’t hate too much.

  • Andrew

    when did halak refuse to play in buff? i only heard rumors (which of course were discounted by the supposed source, halak) that he did not want to play the blues when he was with WAS