Dec 29, 2013; Saint Paul, MN, USA; Minnesota Wild forward Dany Heatley (15) against the New York Islanders at Xcel Energy Center. The Islanders defeated the Wild 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Dany Heatley; A Free Agent Steal For The Buffalo Sabres

It’s nothing new to us Sabres fans that the team lacked in offensive numbers this season. As much as we all are hoping that Sam Reinheart or Sam Bennet will be the new scoring sensation for Buffalo, the likelihood of that is slim, so I have come up with a possible steal for the Sabres come July 1st and the UFA’s hit the market. That steal’s name is Dany Heatley.

Yes most of us (especially me) are hoping for the possible returns of Thomas Vanek, Steve Ott, or even Matt Moulson, but they all appear to have wanted to move on from the Sabres’ rebuild and onto teams that have shots at winning right now. There is a hope and chance that at least one of them return, but the chances are low. There is a player, however, that will possibly be hitting free agency that might be looking for an upgraded position from his current one. Minnesota Wild forward Dany Heatley is a 33 year old sniper that has seen his numbers drop due to inconstancies as well as stars like Zach Parise taking over his place as a top line sniper. Some of you fans might remember his days in Ottawa, and some of you may dislike him for these years, but hear me out. I want you to think back to those years when he played for the Senators; you know, those years where he was able to score 50 goals in 2 straight years and then over 40 in the year afterwards? That is skill that the Sabres desperately need and currently lack.

Heatley would bring a high level of skill, as well as a willingness to shoot the puck before he passes it. He’s a player that used to think “shoot first, pass second” and still does have this mentality. His shot is precise and fast, and put him alongside Cody Hodgson or Tyler Ennis and Drew Stafford and you will see production from him. He’s a player that loves to be the superstar, and in Buffalo, he would have that exact chance and would, more likely than not, rise to the occasion.

What do you guys think? Should the Sabres make a play on Heatley, if he makes it to free agency? Or should they trade a draft pick for his rights and sign him to a deal worth a little over 4.5 million per year then? Personally, I think that it would be a smart move for the Sabres and it will even challenge the team to play at the high level that Heatley plays at.


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  • Kevin

    I have been watching him for quite some time now and he would be worth nowhere near the $4.5mil you mentioned. He is slow and needs a dominate center to flourish. He just has never been the same since leaving the Sharks.

    • SabesFan’70

      Granted, His numbers have dropped off in the last few years but even 30 goals is something the Sabes can use. I kinda like the idea, don’t know about the value at $4.5 mil but I see it as a gamble and it would be a better one than Lei-no goals. DO IT!!!!

  • Greg

    Well this writer is dumb, do you know what “tanking” is? We are not, we just suck that bad. Sabres are going down like the Titanic and will position ourselves for the 2015 Draft so we can get Connor McDavid and/or Jack Eichel, as long as Isles blow it too, Vanek and Moulson, goodbye, Ott, I see coming back. I want NO improvement, just stay in the basement another year and THEN we talk UFAs, like Pat Kane.

  • Mike Flynn

    No need worry about free agents until next year finish in the basement draft mcdavid hopefully the isles go down as well and we might get eichel then worry about signing guys like pat Kane not Danny heatly

  • Bflynn

    This will never happen and I’m glad it won’t. Heatley is never going to come to the last place team being 33. Most likely sign with a playoff team. Tim Murry won’t sign him because he doesn’t fit the Sabres plan. This would be such a waste of money with him at the tail end of his career. He would bring literally nothing more than what the Sabres already have.
    “As much as we all are hoping that Sam Reinheart or Sam Bennet will be
    the new scoring sensation for Buffalo, the likelihood of that is slim”
    I need to call you out on this statement. How is it a slim chance exactly? The best players are picked at the top of the draft. Just look at the previous nhl drafts in the last 10 years, notice the players taken in the top 2 or 3. Most are the best players on the team.

  • Greg Gonter

    Heatley only has 40 points in the last 2 years combined playing with better players than we have here. He’s not someone to sign with the team we have.

  • Jacob Strozyk

    Take it as a suggestion rather than a 100% fact. I can’t think of a single team that can be ok with being well below average. Heatley is at the end of his contract and I was saying that picking him up would gain us some respect. Sign him to a 1 year deal and then if we are still bad but he likes it here he can stay and play alongside of Reinheart, bennett, or even possibly McDavid. by that time he’ll be 35 and have a good 2-3 years left in him. Remember to look for the positives going towards next season rather than hoping we’re bad. Always look for the positives.

  • wolfdoctor

    “As much as we all are hoping that Sam Reinheart or Sam Bennet will be the new scoring sensation for Buffalo, the likelihood of that is slim”
    Please explain your reasoning behind this statement. BTW you spelled both of those players’ names incorrectly.

  • ende

    Why would you make an offensive signing right before the McDavid sweepstakes? Makes no sense.

  • qwicwted

    If Murray doesn’t do something stupid like trading away our #2 pick, we will get someone like Reinhart, Bennett or Ekblad. Bflo needs to get a #1 playmaking center and Reinhart or Bennett fill that bill. Although if Ekblad is availlable I have no problem with Murray picking him up. If Murray does his job well, we should have 2 draft picks in the top 10 – maybe even the top 4.
    As for Vanek – that ship has sailed and I think his performance in the playoffs and his actions during the Olympics spoke volumes and showed the true Thomas – especially his “blame game” with Montreal. I have no problem resigning Ott or Moulson – Bflo does need some leadership and it seems both players enjoyed their time in Bflo. I really don’t see Heatly bringing anything to the table with Buffalo, I would rather have Murray sign someone like Brandon Morrow, Brian Gionta or Mike Cammeralli. Also, there are other UFAs or trades that Bflo can make. Bflo has 3 round 2 picks and two of them are early picks. With the players we have, Stewart, Ennis, Stafford, Girgensens and Mitchell – Nolan needs to bring in Armia, Grigorenko, Larsson and Carrier and transition them into the NHL.

  • Danimal

    As soon as you said you wanted Vanek back, I stopped reading your article.. Seriously?!? You want a guy that couldn’t score a clutch goal if his life depended on it? We’ve paid that guy far too much already… yikes.

  • Lee Purintun

    Minnesota local here- you do not want this slug on your roster. I grew up a badger fan, and I followed Heater’s career closely… I was a huge fan. He is a cancer that we’re thrilled to have removed from the Wild roster. Rebuild with young talent and avoid this chump