Feb 25, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres left wing Ville Leino (23) skates with the puck against the Carolina Hurricanes at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Murray And The Bad Contract Option

The bad contract is something that we all know too well in Buffalo.  The Buffalo Sabres already have one of those they are desperately trying to get rid of.  With the New York Rangers win last night in Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals – the buyout of Ville Leino is pushed back to Monday at the earliest now.

That doesn’t mean the Buffalo Sabres are in a position to only have solid contracts on their roster.  If the plan is to dump Ville Leino – and the salary cap going up as rumored, the Buffalo Sabres are in a position to have to pay out some money this year.  According to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, Tim Murray is looking for any way possible to get that second first round pick.

“I can’t imagine I would trade the second overall pick.  I’d like to get a couple of more first round picks and I have those three third-rounders to us.  I certainly knwo you can’t trade a second for a first, but you might take some money back in a deal to do that and I do have to get to the [cap] floor.  There are different ways to get to the floor so I’m exploring that (sic).”  -GM Tim Murray

Now we all know it three second rounders that Tim Murray has at his disposal.  With a high first round draft pick this year, and three guaranteed first rounders next year, why be greedy?  Because Tim Murray wants to build a winner.

And it’s not like the Buffalo Sabres are worried about taking on bad money contracts.  Remember bringing back Alex Kotalik in order to swing a deal?  No one wanted him back, but the Buffalo Sabres wanted Robyn Regehr and that second round draft pick last year.  September rolled around and the Buffalo Sabres planned on sending Kotalik to Rochester – but Kotalik defected back to his home country to play.  Bad contract out of site, out of mind.

Tim Murray could theoretically do the same thing to get back into the first round.  He has a plethora of draft picks and prospects that he isn’t necessarily married to because he didn’t draft them.  With a boatload of second round picks he can afford to give up one or two of them to add first round talent.

Take on the bad contract – I am all for it.  No contract could be as bad as the one the Buffalo Sabres are currently dealing with, and if its a short term answer to a long term problem in Buffalo – why not?

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  • Kevin

    I would keep the boatload of picks. The more players, the better the odds are to find one that fits. Unless of course, he can somehow swing into the top 3 in the 1st round.

    • davidmuscalo

      I don’t gamble so the idea of “increasing the odds” doesn’t appeal to me. That is a two-way street and the odds are the same for not finding “one that fits” as they are finding none that fits.

  • Dano

    Buffalo needs to hit the ‘ Salary Cap Floor ‘. If taking on a ‘ bad ‘ contract that has 2-3years on it with a lot of payout, so be it. Taking on the contract doesnt mean that player will see the ice at all, leaving room for the younger crowd to get ice time.

    Offer the Panthers Ehrhoff or Myers, a prospect of somekind and a second round ( or 2 of them ) this year for their first.

    Edmonton Needs defensemen..

    The Top5 in this years draft all appear to be pieces Buffalo could use.

    • davidmuscalo

      I like your idea, neither Myers or Ehrhof are worth the money they are getting paid.

      • Dano

        I dont think Myers plays the game the way he learned to. He doesnt play physical enough IMO.

  • qwicwted

    Philly is stuck with Lecavalier who is playing on the 4th line – 4 years $4.5M/yr. – so rumor has it that he is a candidate for buyout as Philly has only $4.5M in cap space. Tim takes on Lecavalier’s contract plus receives 1st round draft pick #17, Buffalo gives Philly Round 2, #49. Lecavalier can either be bought out by Buffalo or he can play, help mentor our youngsters and get us to the cap floor. Philly gets cap relief and they don’t have to pay any $ amount toward Vinney’s contract.
    Buffalo then trades Myers or Ehrhoff along with #31 or 39 for Edmonton’s #3. Or Buffalo can trade first round #17 along with 3rd round #61 for Edmonton’s #3. This gives Edmonton 1st, 3rd and 4th round picks whereas they currently have a 1st and 4th.

    • Chris

      Youre nuts if you think he would trade Tyler Myers… all he would have is a draft pic… he knows what Myers can do. especially with Teddy Nolan coaching him…

      • qwicwted

        Chris – The last time you must have watched Myers was 2009 when he won the Calder Cup – His last three 3 years have been terrible, although there was some improvement. At $5.5M/yr. I don’t think he is consistent enough, durable or physical. Thing with Myers is that there seems to be more rookie mistakes and mediocre play rather than Top 4 D. When Tyler takes the ice, you don’t know who is going to show up. If we can sucker some other team to take him – Murray should run not walk to do the deal.

        If Buffalo can get Edmonton’s #3 pick – why not? We could end up with 2 Sams or a Sam and a Leon.