Mar 3, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Buffalo Sabres center Cody McCormick (8) watches his team take on the Dallas Stars during the game at the American Airlines Center. The Stars defeated the Sabres 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Cody McCormick Signed By Buffalo Sabres

So signing Cody McCormick doesn’t sound like the most celebratory way to spend the opening day of free agency, but what it could signal is one of the most positive things to come out of the 2014 NHL off season.

The Buffalo Sabres have agreed to terms with Cody McCormick in the NHL Free Agency Frenzy of day one, signing him to a three year deal worth 1.5 million dollars a year.

McCormick had previously played for the Buffalo Sabres just a few months ago, but was demoted to the AHL and then shipped off to the Minnesota Wild with Matt Moulson.

Tim Murray has worked more magic than Darcy Regier could ever have thought of by turning the second round pick into a solid NHL defenseman, and resigning both Cody McCormick and Matt Moulson.

What is most energetic about the Cody McCormick signing – is that it probably signals the end of the John Scott era with the Buffalo Sabres.

Scott has turned himself into a liability – with being penalized for simply being John Scott.

McCormick doesn’t add a whole lot to the organization, but he is the type that will agitate other lineups and will stick up for his teammates.

McCormick isn’t afraid to fight anyone in the league, and can hold his own against many of the top heavy weights in the league.

Cody McCormick has played five season with the Buffalo Sabres, also seeing time with the Colorado Avalanche before coming to Buffalo.

McCormick has ten goals. 19 assists, and 253 penalty minutes.

Welcome back to the fold Cody McCormick and thank you for pushing John Scott out of the lineup.

The Buffalo Sabres continue to be a very busy organization today on the first day of free agency – keep it right here all day as we continue to react and respond to the many moves of the day.

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  • Kevin

    I’d take Cody over Scott for sure.

  • Dano

    Oh boy.. here goes..

    “McCormick isn’t afraid to fight anyone in the league, and can hold his own against many of the top heavy weights in the league”

    McGratton? Orr? Lucic? Tim, you overstepped really bad on that one.

    CodyMc is an ‘ ok ‘ middleweight. Hes no heavyweight! Im not saying Scott is a champion or some super-tough type, but he fairs a lot better then CodyMc does against the ‘ anyone in the league ‘ type of setting.

    “Scott has turned himself into a liability – with being penalized for simply being John Scott.”

    Wrong. Bettman and Company made Scott a liability. They want an NHL where the players wear pink and everyone gets along. Since 1993 Bettman has done everything he can to try and ‘ tame ‘ a once manly sport. Since Chrysler bought Bettman with advertising revenues in a venture to promote their ‘ Family orientated Caravan Auto ‘, the league has gotten soft.

    Theres a real history of whats happened with all the facts that needs to be discussed.

    Bettman brought in the ‘ days of the cheap shot artist being protected by the league ‘ in plethora. If someone takes such an individual to task, they are the ‘ bad guy ‘.

    *I* get it. Many people dont care for ‘ goons ‘.

    Many of the people whom were in diapers when I was playing in leagues dont even know what a *real* ‘ goon ‘ is. They watched the movie and believe thats all there is to it.

    Fact is, CodyMc would have his ass handed to him by 75-80% of the ‘ heavyweights ‘ in the league. He would probably get KTFO by most of them. Patrick Bordeleau, Mike Brown, Colton Orr, Brian McGrattan, Frazer McLaren, Jay Rosehill, Matt Carkner.. even a ‘ has been ‘ like Eric Boulton ( formerly a Sabre ;) ) would clean the ice with McCormick . Thats just the ‘ short list ‘.

    McCormick is better then nothing. Hes NOT a ‘ solution ‘ to teams like Calgary, The Islanders, Boston..

    • boonies

      We need to establish a Rob Ray Scholarship, a one year deal to the most useful healthy scratch/ 4th line bouncer we can use for the Boston/Toronto types.
      What would Garth Snow want for Justin Johnson? Yes the guy who knocked Big John off his feet with one punch at the end of the year.
      Dont play Reinhart or anyone valuable without someone useful in the holster for just those occasions…ps he’s a minority so Mike Milbury cant go off on him much, if at all…its a 2-fer! : )