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Matt Moulson Signed By Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres traded Matt Moulson away – and ended up using the draft selection received to puck up Josh Gorges.  Matt Moulson, is officially a Buffalo Sabre once again.

Matt Moulson is now in the fold, signing a five year, twenty-five million dollar contract with the Buffalo Sabres.

Moulson joined the Sabres coming over in the Thomas Vanek trade.

The Buffalo Sabres were the lowest of the low in the National Hockey League last year, and they have used today to turn things around with their young players and some free agent signings on July 1.

In October, Darcy Regier sent Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders – and gathered Matt Moulson into the mix.  Tim Murray turned around and sent Matt Moulson to the Minnesota Wild – but no harm no foul; Tim Murray turned that trade with the Wild into something really special, because the second round draft pick has turned into Josh Gorges, and Matt Moulson has resigned with the Buffalo Sabres.

Moulson wasn’t opposed to staying in Buffalo, and you have to wonder if the Buffalo Sabres had this card up their sleeve all along – trading Moulson away with the hopes of finishing the season low enough in the standings for a first round pick.

With changes to next years draft lottery, Connor McDavid might not be a sure thing, but Matt Moulson will turn out to be a great signing for the Buffalo Sabres given the depth at center that the team now has.

Are the Buffalo Sabres hoping that Matt Moulson can turn into a leadership role for the Buffalo Sabres and help bring about the next era of Buffalo Sabres hockey?

Not surprised by the Buffalo Sabres bringing in players like Moulson, but splashing out on Day 1 of the free agent period to shore up the salary cap floor has brought in quite a few solid players to the organization.

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  • Rust Cohle

    very happy with the moves. no one is getting overpaid. somehow we ended up trading moulson, trading that pick we got from him into a 4 year contract for a solid D man, then signing moulson. kinda got something for nothing right there. if you really look at it its basically josh gorges for McCormick who was a rental for MIN. pretty much a steal. then we sign gionta who can only bring a veteran presence which is exactly what we need. a cheap leader who is not part of the long term plan. buffalo is gearing up to jump through the rankings in about a season or two from now

    • Timothy Redinger

      we resigned mccormick too…so definitely an A+ for Murray.

  • Kevin

    Like the signing. Welcome Back Now lets all crack open a Moulson :-)

  • Dano

    From my perspective ( and opinion ), the ‘ draft dreamers ‘ are all crying right now. Their ‘ vision ‘ just took a pair of black-eyes.

    There is absolutely NO WAY Buffalo finishes in the last 1-2 positions in the final standings at the end of the year. With the lottery weights changing.. How about that whole Conner McDavid dreaming going on? ROFLMAO!

    Theres a front end now that has Gionta, Moulson and Ennis that can work together. Stewart, Stafford and Hodgson for a second line and maybe even Gus, Mitchell and Flynn..

    The Defensive side of things? Meszaros, Gorges, Pysyk, Risto, Zadarov and Myers doesnt look that bad!

    Goaltending is questionable IMO.

    On paper, that looks much better then the Islanders. Better then Calgary, Florida, Pheonix.. I will go as far as to say that Buffalos defense looks much better then the Pens.

    Buffalo is 2-3 players away from being something to really grab peoples attention. If Reinhart jumps into the fold early and can match up with some solid support/wings, being out of that bottom 3 doesnt seem out of the question.

    Theres still some good players out there in Free Agency..

    • Timothy Redinger

      You can still do a lot to get McDavid – and I know you don’t like relying on the draft Dano – but the fact of the matter is, you have to draft well no matter what. It doesn’t matter where you are in the draft – it has to come from some where.

  • [email protected]

    Very happy to see Moulson back in Buffalo Blue and Gold!