Jun 27, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Sam Reinhart poses for a photo with team officials after being selected as the number two overall pick to the Buffalo Sabres in the first round of the 2014 NHL Draft at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Murray Rebuild Of Buffalo Sabres Grade

The Buffalo Sabres, under the new tutelage of general manager Tim Murray have attacked the prospect pool in the draft, and have now taken a direct stab at the free agent pool.

I for one am very happy with the outcome of the three days of work that Tim Murray has put in to retool this organization at a hockey level – and rebuild a franchise in desperate need of a culture shock and culture change.

This might be a biased question to ask at this point.  We are only one off season removed from the tenure of Darcy Regier, where the Buffalo Sabres would have stood pat on free agency day while big names were overpaid; trades were made – and rosters would be better.  Buffalo Sabres fans would then be told by Darcy Regier that the Buffalo Sabres did nothing because the price was too high or the return wasn’t there.

As far as that is concerned, knock on the door and hand Tim Murray a report card with a grade of A+.  The only thing that I might fault him for was making the roster that much better that you might knock yourself out of contention for Connor McDavid.

Only time will tell if the 2014 NHL Entry Draft will pay off for Tim Murray.  This whole short term contract to guys with experience and leadership to train the prospects of the Buffalo Sabres has to pay off for Tim Murray.

Its like getting that cool new video game for Christmas – the one you have been hearing about being all hyped up as the next best thing.  Only its just the demo disc because the game doesn’t come out until New Years Eve.  The demo disc is great – but is the whole thing going to be truly worth the wait?

What says you Buffalo Sabres fans – how do you grade Tim Murray for his start of the rebuild process?

How Would You Grade Tim Murray's Rebuild So Far?

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You can only select an A through D grade in the poll, so I welcome your comments on what could have been done better or differently through the opening of free agency.

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  • Vic Soga

    Tim you are right A+ for Murray but it looks like the young guns will not play this year. Grigorenko and Zadorov and Pysyk are maybe. Unless there are trades like Weber or Meszaros or Stafford or Stewart, they will not play. The pressure is now on the goalies.

    • Mike Flynn

      And tm has stated they want to do this right meaning letting the kids develop where is best for them not just throwing them in the fire and I don’t think we are improved much skill wise gionta is on the same level as ott gorges is equal to erhoff and molson was here last year and we still finished at the bottom. I think we still finish in the bottom 5 but don’t think sabres hockey will be the train wreck it was last season.

  • Ron Cianciosi


  • davidmuscalo

    I gave him and A, but he can get an A+ if he signs Steve Ott…………..that is my only reservation. He exceeded my expectations by a whole lot.

  • Bkoz22

    Why is everyone saying we are out of the McDavid running? We have the islanders 1st. Our chances are as good as any. We have our own pick along with the blues. So 3 1st rd picks should buy whatever position you want in the draft. We we’ll get our guy whom ever that is. In Tim I trust.