Apr 14, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres right wing Patrick Kaleta (36) during the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning at the First Niagara Center. Sabres beat the Lightning 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Kaleta's Future With Buffalo Sabres

Patrick Kaleta will be the topic of much conversation as training camp opens and the 2014-2015 Buffalo Sabres roster takes shape.  Will Patrick Kaleta remain with the Buffalo Sabres or will another demotion to the American Hockey League and the Rochester Americans be in store for the gritty forward.

Patrick Kaleta was sent to the Rochester Americans by the previous administration to “relearn” and “recondition” his behavior after the National Hockey League suspended him.

Kaleta was suspended for ten games for an illegal hit to the head on Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson.  After sitting out his requisite ten games, the Buffalo Sabres tried trading the enigmatic forward, with no result.

Pat Kaleta then cleared waivers and was assigned to the AHL.  In March Patrick Kaleta started skating again and was given his stall back in the Buffalo Sabres locker room – but never got back into the lineup.

Darcy Regier implied that the league pressured the Buffalo Sabres to expel Kaleta from the league, not wanting to do the dirty work for themselves.

The question for the new administration, Tim Murray and Ted Nolan – is has Patrick Kaleta changed his style of play enough to return to the NHL, without being a target for penalties and suspensions – the way John Scott had made himself in his time with the Buffalo Sabres.

Patrick Kaleta is a fan favorite, growing up miles from Sabres nation in Angola, New York.  Players from the region who end up on the team, good or bad usually make for great fan favorites – because he is one of our own.

Patrick Kane in a Buffalo Sabres sweater would be a huge score for the organization.

With a new attitude on the roster with Tim Murray – is there room on the roster for Patrick Kaleta?

The 2014-2015 NHL season will be his last in Buffalo if the team does not resign him, as Patrick Kaleta is set to become a free agent after this season.

Does Patrick Kaleta have a place in the future of the Buffalo Sabres? Will he get picked up by another team and agitate the Buffalo Sabres in a different way?

With the roster taking shape with Tim Murray’s moves, I don’t think Patrick Kaleta stands much of a future; but then again, Ted Nolan likes to play guys that give their all every shift.

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  • Dano

    I drank a gallon of gasoline just to take a leak on people whom dont want ‘ goons ‘ around and ‘ draft dream ‘ in the same breathe of air.

    Draft Dreamers should WANT players like Kaleta, Scott and/or ‘ goons ‘ on the ice right now in Buffalo. They dont score goals! They are ‘ politically incorrect ‘ players and the league wants them gone. What better way to ‘ tank ‘ then to field a team that cant score? Its all about loosing so badly that Buffalo gets a magical win in the lottery draft and ‘ Connor McDavid ‘ replaces the angel Gabriel and saves this teams future!

    The draft dreamers want them ( goons or players that actually have a good testosterone level ) gone as well. Let the Rats prevail!

    What Im hoping for is ‘ Sam ‘ making the team and a rat like Marchand, Cooke or similar caliber runs him pretty good. Concussion in the first week of the year and puts him on IR or ‘ day to day ‘ status and the player whom does it doesnt even get an interference infraction called against them.

    This is why Buffalo needs to keep the rat named Kaleta. The Moment someone runs Buffalos Kids, Kaleta will return the favor in kind.

    Ray, May and Barnaby all live in the Buffalo area.. Lace em up guys!

    • BT Farley

      Sorry bud but that era of hockey is over. Hits like that legal or not that leaves the other player with a concussion in today’s NHL. End with a suspension by the goon. Those players are being phased out and 4th lines are used for puck possession now.

      • Dano

        Really? Tell that to the Bruins!

    • Timothy Redinger

      I am draft dreaming – and the age of that type of goon is “over”. You need a guy that will be able to fight and protect the kids – but they also need to be able to play the game and put the puck in the net. Guys like Kaleta and Scott look at another player and they are at a minimum whistled for something they didn’t too, or suspended for protecting themselves.

      • Dano

        That is the LEAGUE and Pegula as an owner ( one with very deep pockets ) should address Bettman in person about it.

        Kaleta isnt that bad of a ‘ goon ‘. He plays off the penalty kill, blocks shots, checks and is pretty good with where he positions himself on the ice.

        • Sabres4Life

          Kaleta’s more of a wuss IMO. He never drops the gloves. He’s definitely not a GOON IMO. He’s more of a pest without the scoring attributes that many good “pests” have.

    • Sabres4Life

      Are you being sarcastic? You were all against draft dreaming before…

      • Dano

        Happy Summer! ;)

        I am against what most of the draft dreamers were preaching. Intentionally tanking to get a ‘ better pick ‘ which is in a lottery and NOTHING is guarenteed. How did Buffalo do this year, finished last and picked second.

        Point being : If you put out goons or players that cant score, would that not increase the odds of finishing last and getting into the lottery all over again?

        THAT is what Im stipulating.


        • Sabres4Life

          It didn’t matter that we lost out on the lottery this offseason. We got the guy we wanted and needed in Sam Reinhart. Also the lottery for next season the last placed team does get the 2nd overall pick if they do lose out on that #1. Last place teams chance has gone down by only 5% I believe? McDavid or Eichel is what we should be aiming for IMO. Intentionally losing isn’t a great idea but when a player like McDavid and Eichel come along they have Stanley Cup written all over them. For a franchise that hasn’t won a Cup ever and hasn’t been to the finals since the NO GOAL days one of those two players should be the goal right now.

          • Dano

            Then what better way to do such then to put non-scoring but entertaining players on the ice?

            I think Murray did well with his Free Agency/Trades and put Buffalo out of that last place position. They might make it out of the Bottom 5. How does that work for the draft dreaming theme? It absolutely hinders it.

            Players like Kaleta are what they need to field right now if they want to stay low on the totem pole.

          • Sabres4Life

            Haha I know. Maybe TM is planning to trade Ennis, Stafford or Stewart?

            Gorges won’t replace Ehrhoff’s production but will make us better defensively. Meszaros is usually injured half the year but he will be a tad better then Tallinder when he plays that is. Gionta basically replaces Ott. He won’t get anywhere close to the points he got last year though. Moulson will get us about 20-25 goals. Stewart is usually injured every year as well. I don’t really see much improvement over last season.

  • davidmuscalo

    I think Ted Nolan will give him a chance to play under his tutelage. Perhaps Ted can guide him into turning his play around to something that is acceptable in today’s NHL; however, if they sign Ott, then I think Kaleta is gone.

  • Sabres4Life

    Kaleta will stay on the Sabres. Guy is totally what Nolan likes in players.