Buffalo Sabres Roster Report: Goaltenders

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Jhonas Enroth

G, Sweden

Jhonas Enroth gets my vote for the number one goalie on the depth chart prior to training camp – solely for the fact that he has paid his dues as a member of the Buffalo Sabres, serving as a solid backup to former number one goalie Ryan Miller.

It is more than likely that Enroth won’t be around in the organization long.  He is an unrestricted free agent after the 2014-2015 NHL season, and if he doesn’t see the cards fall in his favor for the long term spot with the Buffalo Sabres, he will likely want to test the market to try and land a number one spot somewhere.

At 1.25 million dollars, Enroth is a valuable asset to the Buffalo Sabres right now – because he is a familiar face in the locker room, he wants to be the number one guy – and he will be battling for the position.

No one is going to be handed a roster spot by the Buffalo Sabres, Ted Nolan has said that as much – having Enroth battling for a spot this season is going to elevate the play of whoever else is playing the number one spot – or itching to take over at the first sign of fraility.

He has five seasons with the Buffalo Sabres, and has played in 81 games.  A look at his win loss record is a bit misleading – the last season he was hung out to dry by the team in front of him on many nights, and he had a rough spell in which he couldn’t find a win no matter how he played.  25-35-12 doesn’t seem like a bad record, given the last two seasons of play by the team as whole.  He has a career GAA of 2.75 and a save percentage of .913.

Granted it is a larger sampling, but those numbers aren’t that far off of Ryan Millers who comes in at a career GAA of 2.59 and a save percentage of .915.

Jhonas has only ever played in one NHL playoff game, relieving Ryan Miller – but has played and done well in pressure cooker tournaments.  He was a member of the Silver medal winning Tres Kronos team at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, a bronze medal in the 05 World U18, a silver at the 2008 World Juniors, and a gold medal with the 2013 World Championships.

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  • E.R.S.

    I understand the reasoning behind your putting Enroth as #1. He has, indeed, paid his dues…

    We all love his fight and competitiveness, but for myself — as a goaltender (albeit a recreational player) — all I can say is that Enroth in net makes me nervous. He his small, and he compensates for it by having a somewhat wild style. He can make big, exciting saves, but somehow, it never seems totally under control.

    Contrast that with Neuvirth. He is smooth as silk; a pleasure to observe in the crease. I may be jumping the gun, but… I grew up watching Hasek. And then, after Biron didn’t have success, we got Miller. When Neuvirth is in net, I have that same calmness and confidence as I watch him play as when I watched Hasek and Miller. I’m not going to say that he will measure up to those two (although I hope, for our sake, he does!); I’m just saying he seems to have the instincts and the ability to reach that level. (n.b. I used to watch Neuvirth with the Capitals, as well, so I’ve seen more than 2 games)

    As for the rest of the pipeline: hopefully we can find a fantastic starter, a solid backup, and perhaps develop another one of them and get some great value for him in a trade, when he (whoever it is) is ready.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Totally agree. I really think that Neuvirth will end up starting, but can really see a 1A 1B situation this year, with both guys playing for a contract.

    • Sabres4Life

      Wild style paid off for Hasek, why not Enroth?

      • E.R.S.

        Hasek was not wild; he was one of the most under-control goaltenders to play the game. He was always focused on the puck, never over-committed, and forced shooters on break-always to make the first move.

        His most exciting highlights are from the rare situations when he *appeared* to be out of the play (99% of goaltenders would have been out of the play), but through desperation and never giving up on the puck, he found completely unorthodox ways to make the save.

        • Timothy Redinger

          Hasek knew he could “overplay” a situation because he knew he had no limits and most of the time had so much puck awareness. How many times did he do something out of the ordinary (save a puck with the top of his head) and his response after words was “i wanted to try and see if i could do it”.

  • Sabres4Life

    Lieuwen ahead of Makarov? I don’t think so.

  • Joe

    I think lieuwen is a future atar goaltender and hope the sabres dont let him go