Buffalo Sabres Roster Report: Left Wingers

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres have appeared to solve some of their problem at center – although the fruits of that might not show for several seasons.  In our third installation of the Buffalo Sabres roster report, it is time to look at the left wing, and who will be flying down the wing.

I moved Cody McCormick back to center, making room for Tyler Ennis to come back to his true position as a winger.  There is talk that he is too small to play the wing – but I think he has the heart and the hockey sense to be successful at that position.  Having spent so much time and efforts bolstering the center position, the Sabres are lacking somewhat on the wings – but hopefully another season of building by Tim Murray will bring the roster full circle and fill all of the Sabres needs.  Here are the left wingers that I see starting the Buffalo Sabres 2014-2015 campaign.

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