Life, Back to Normal

Patrick Kane had the Stanley Cup in Buffalo this past Friday and Saturday, and well – it was interesting.

A trip to Niagara Falls where Patrick Kane and the Stanley Cup got a little wet down by the Cave of the Winds.

A trip to the edge of downtown Buffalo to visit with the patients of Roswell Park and Buffalo General.  Then a private viewing downtown for Buffalo Police and Fire and their families.  Today, he filled it with Buffalo Wings (from what I saw on Twitter it was rumored that the handler had to call first before that was allowed – I would think the Buffalo Wing Sauce might damage the top of the Cup).

Now its back to Chicago for Lord Stanley’s Chicken Wing Bowl – and here in Buffalo we go back to being the Home of Stanley Cup Champions Patrick Kane and Brooks Orpik.

What would you do if you had the Stanley Cup for a day?  I don’t think there is anything that you might be able to think of that hasn’t already be done.  Remember, there is a handler with the Cup 24 hours a day (much to the relief of my wife).

What do you think the city of Buffalo would do in honor of the Sabres winning the Cup?