Buffalo Sabres Sign Defensemen Alexander Sulzer

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

He wasn’t the blockbuster player that the Buffalo Sabres were looking for at the trade deadline, but when Vancouver asked us to take on the salary of defensemen Alexander Sulzer, he was added to the rotation of extra defensemen – relequated to even behind Mike Weber. 

Or maybe there was enough ire in the hearts of Darcy Regier and Lindy Ruff that the Sabres were looking for Sulzer in the hopes he would work out better on the blue line than someone in the organization. 
Once he made it on the ice, Sulzer showed the team he ment business, and had some instant chemistry with fellow countryman Christian Erhoff. 
While the season ended in disappointment, Sulzer became another unknown on a rather lengthy list of variables for the Buffalo Sabres to address this off season. 
Check that one off the list early, and get your #freemikeweber tweets ready, because the Buffalo Sabres have signed Alexander Sulzer to a one year deal, keeping the German defensemen in the organization. 
A third round draft pick in the 2003 draft (92nd overall) – Sulzer had 8 points (3 goals and 5 assists) in 15 games with the Sabres. 
Darcy Regier will be holding a press conference at the arena today at 3PM.