The Sabres number 1 center will be?


Mar 23 2012; New York, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres left wing Tyler Ennis (63) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal during the third period against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Sabres won 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

After much speculation that the Buffalo Sabres would be busy this offseason many wonder if their roster is now set. A few signings and a trade to help the team’s grit could be all we see this summer.

The talk of a number one center has been tops around here for a while now but all along we might have already had 1 on the roster. Tyler Ennis and Cody Hodgson will both be on this year’s roster and one of these guys is going to be centering the top line I believe. The question will be who? Ennis showed many people during the 2nd half of the season he can definitely open up more ice and create when he plays center. Hodgson I believe didn’t have enough time to progress with his teammates. Starting this year with more practices under his belt, playing on a steady line and also more experience should hopefully help him have a good season.

The trade route is something the Sabres have been connected to lately.  The likes of: Paul Stastny, Ryan Getzlaf and even Pat Kane have been brought up as possible candidates over the past few months.  Whether its one of those guys or someone no one is talking about the Sabres might need to go down that road.  A move I want the Sabres to make is something that will help this team right away.  I don’t want a high priced player to come in and not produce just to have this team fall into another problem of carrying their contract.  Hopefully if a trade is in the best interest of the team it is a good one.

All I can say is I hope that this team has a plan to fall back on incase the center position continues to be a problem. For all I know a trade could be in the works now but I just don’t see it coming. If no one is coming to take over the top spot I hope the Sabres sign a veteran center to look after these guys and show them the way.