NHL Lockout One Week And Mums The Word

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The NHL is taking the lockout seriously, and the longer things go, the more hockey the Buffalo Sabres stand to lose.  We are officially one week into Lockout 2012 and there is no end in sight, nor is there any progress towards bringing the NHL and the NHLPA together to resolve their differences.

What the NHL has done however, on top of killing the month of September, has been fine the Detroit Red Wings for their outward comments on the lockout and what the players should be considering as they find other venues to play in while the NHL figures out how it wants to play hockey in the future.

The fine comes on the heels of an interview by senior vice president Jim Devellano and Island Sports News.  In the interview, Devellano tells reporters that he thinks the players should take the rollback of revenue sharing – and he cautions players that if they are playing outside of the NHL during the impasse, that they should be careful, because an injury will cause them further delays in getting paid if the NHL resumes play.

Seems like Devellano is saying positive things for both sides of the coin, however the league an organization agree that the comments are not conducive to the non-negotiations going on, so the fines were levied.

Seems not everyone wants to be silent on the issue of the lockout, as Teemu Selanne blasts Gary Bettman – and puts the league commissioner on the level with the fans – is Bettman willing to roll back his salary of 8 million dollars per year to help the league find stability?  Im sure there are plenty of players throughout the league that would love to see 8 Million per season.  Seems a little pricy for the commissioner of a not for profit organization to make 8 mil a year.

With fines going out – you can expect more and more silence from the major players in this debacle, which means we have to wait and let the NHL be our only source of information.  Seems like Gary Bettman and company have their mind set on losing another full season of NHL hockey.