Is Robyn Regehr A Tradeable Commodity

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors abound in Buffalo – with the Sabres slowly sinking out of the mathematical playoff picture, and realistically eliminated from the “second season” for the chance at a chase for the Stanley Cup.  No one on the Buffalo Sabres roster should be, at this point, safe from trade discussions.

One of the hottest commodities for the Buffalo Sabres is defensmen Robyn Regehr.  The only hangup with the Buffalo Sabres moving the aging defenseman – his no trade clause.  He would have to agree to the trade for the Sabres to make it happen. Who is open for trading for the veteran winger?  There are a few teams looking at a playoff run that would be willing to dance with the Sabres and trade in kind.  But it would involve much more than Robyn Regehr.

If the Los Angeles Kings are in the mix, the Sabres should be looking to get goaltender Jonathan Bernier.  If the talks are true that the Sabres are talking to teams with Ryan Miller on the table, they will need to bring in a proven commodity to handle the starting goaltender role.  Buffalo could package Robyn Regehr, Drew Stafford, and get Bernier, a near NHL ready prospect – and possibly deepen their position come draft time – with maybe a second or third round conditional pick – if they can resign Bernier sweeten the deal by taking the lower round pick.

Regehr has played out west, starting his career with the Calgary Flames – so he no doubt has connections throughout the conference.  What better way to end your career than with a chance to play with someone who is going to contend for the foreseeable future.  Regehr is in the final year of his contract, and will no doubt be up for his final tour amongst the NHL cities if he signs again.

Buffalo has several prospects that they could use, alongside their current permanent roster players.   Drew Stafford has been a healthy scratch for two games (will play tonight against the Florida Panthers) and has come out publically stating he would welcome a trade.