My Wish List, Part 10: Get Me Colin Greening of the Ottawa Senators on Those Buffalo Sabres!

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Sabres announced Monday that they were giving forward John Scott a pay raise, re-signing him to a one-year contract worth $750,000 a year.

I suppose the Sabres organization likes the fact that Scott is a tough guy, willing to toss his body around and rattle his opponents’ teeth, bones, and other moveable parts.  Or maybe they signed him because they enjoyed his ability to crash interviews with players who had actually contributed to the SCORING portion of the game of hockey.  Regardless, the Sabres held on to their tough guy.

Too bad, because I’m about to look at a tough customer who, you know, actually scores the damn puck once in a while.

Colin Greening, Forward

Greening has been taking it to the Pittsburgh Penguins this entire series, already having scored three times (once in each game), including last night’s dramatic game-winning goal in the second overtime.

He also took a stick to the face last night and continued to play WITH PIECES OF FIBERGLASS IN HIS SKIN.  This was even after six stitches were put in his face to close the gash that had been opened by the stick.

I feel faint just typing that last paragraph!

By now, everyone knows Greening because of what he did the other night in double OT against the Penguins:

That video is important because not only does it show you how Greening finished the play, it shows you how he worked to get the play set up in the first place.  Nice hands and patience all-around.  What this video doesn’t show you, though, is how Greening has been using his speed to absolutely flummox the Penguins.  It seems like every time I have watched this series, I have seen Greening blowing by the Pittsburgh defense, creating quality scoring chances such as this:

Now – did he score there?  What does that matter?  He blew by two defenders and did not shy away from going hard to the net, sacrificing his body in order to give himself the best possible chance to score.  That combination of speed and caution-be-damned determination is going to put pucks in the net, whether it is Greening who scores or his teammates who slam home the loose puck.  And then check out how he uses his speed once again during the same game in order to create another opportunity (Greening’s highlight begins at around the 1:26 mark), which results in a goal this time around:

The verdict is in: despite some regular season struggles, Colin Greening has kicked it up a notch during these playoffs, which is why he is the member of the Ottawa Senators I would love to see suit up for the Buffalo Sabres.

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