Brian Gionta On Buffalo Sabres Radar In Free Agency

Brian Gionta could be on the radar for the Buffalo Sabres – and its a match made in hockey heaven.  The Buffalo Sabres have a lot of money to spend in free agency, and will most likely be relying on a form of free agency that has become all to common in the culture of this organization.  Brian Gionta won’t come cheap, but he has a little left to prove.

If your near the end of your career, the Buffalo Sabres will pay you to play out your NHL days.  The only difference between then and now, is the Buffalo Sabres are looking for exactly that type of player.  A guy to mentor the next generation of Buffalo Sabres.

Next year’s roster will most likely be composed of rising young stars and third and fourth liners auditioning in the Buffalo Sabres version of NHL survivor.  Role players that Tim Murray might tap on the shoulder and say follow me.

So getting guys like Brian Gionta and Martin Brodeur will help the Buffalo Sabres out in two ways.  They bring on short term veteran contracts that won’t eat away at the cap.  They also bring in and mentor guys in short term windows.  The one’s that get it can come back.  The ones that don’t can see if Ville Leino needs a roommate.

So bringing on Brian Gionta serves the Buffalo Sabres short term interests.  They might also serve his.  The Rochester, New York native knows his career is coming to an end, and what better way to end it all than right down the thruway from where it all started.

The Buffalo Sabres shouldn’t be making a splash in free agency.  They don’t have the knowledge or the stature in the league yet to do such a thing.  But giving a guy his last chance at making an impact in the league, sign me up four of five of those guys this off season.

Brian Gionta’s Resume

Beside the fact that he was born the day before my wife (won’t she be surprised if I get to drop that little tidbit of information on her when we go out to dinner for her birthday), he has a National Championship with Boston College, where he attended after being the Rookie of the Year at the Aquinas Institute.

Drafted 82nd overall by the New Jersey Devils, the team he spent nine years with, before spending the last five seasons with the Montreal Canadiens.

He has served as the captain of his teams.  He won a Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils in the 2002-2003 season, and has a plethora of minor league all star honors.

He is a guy, that fits exactly what the Buffalo Sabres are in need of right now.