Buffalo Sabres DFS: Value Picks vs. Devils

CAUTION: Fantasy Hockey Advice is for Buffalo Sabres Fans Only!

You know it’s hockey season when you see players in your fantasy hockey league being added from the free agent pool, and you’ve never even heard of them.

In this article, we are going to tell you 3 players that are under the radar on the Sabres, that are going to earn you some points against the New Jersey Devils.

1. Johan Larsson

Over the last couple of years, Larsson has had some pretty mediocre numbers. However, on opening Larsson was involved in the Sabres 4th line that was able to put a lot of pressure on the Penguins net. They were not able to turn any of that pressure into goals, but they did put a lot more shots on net than the 4th line has in the past. Expect that same kind of pressure against a very young Devils 3rd defensive line, and for Johan to have some good assist and shot opportunities.

2. Marcus Johansson

In game #1 Marcus looked very acquainted with new head coach Ralph Krueger’s offensive system. Marcus is an assistant captain on the team, and looked the part in game #1. Sometimes during the game you could see some of the younger players get a little confused in Krueger’s fast paced offense. That’s when Marcus would step up and direct them properly. Expect to see him get a good bit of playing time based off how well he seems to understand the new offense.

3. Victor Olofsson

Victor Olofsson is a player you want to start, based solely off the amount of shots he’s likely to get off in the game. Olofsson is certainly one of Buffalo’s top scoring options, and any time he is on the ice, it feels like he’s the top scoring option for Buffalo. Olofsson has a smooth shot and could certainly end up with a goal on Saturday Night. Maybe not a sleeper pick, but certainly not a guy you want to leave on your bench.