Buffalo Sabres: Victor Olofsson Breaks 101 Year Old NHL Record

The Buffalo Sabres Rookie Forward Victor Olofsson has been scoring goals all year. But the way he has scored has broken a record as old as the league.

When Victor Olofsson scored his 5th power play goal of the season against the Dallas Stars, he became the first player in the history of the NHL to score their first seven career goals all in the power play.

The record breaking goal itself was a beauty. The Sabres came down the ice into Dallas territory on the power play, and made several quality passes before Jack Eichel found Olofsson open for the slap shot. Olofsson likes to score from the right side, he has very soft hands and excels with slap shots from distance. I mean just look at this beauty.


Olofsson played very well with the Rochester Americans in the AHL last season. In 66 games played, Olofsson scored 63 points. Olofsson was playing so well in Rochester that last season a good portion of the Buffalo media was calling for him to be assigned to the NHL during the Sabres late game skid. However, the Sabres front office felt like Olofsson would greatly benefit from playing the remainder of the year in the AHL, so they let him be.

Late last season he did get his first call up to the NHL. In 6 games played, Olofsson scored 2 goals and had 2 assists. Those 2 goals were also of the power play variety and were the start to Olofsson’s record breaking performance.

This season Olofsson has been a staple on the Sabres first line with Jack Eichel and Sam Reinhart. If there was any question if he was ready for this role coming into the season, those questions have quickly dissipated. The next step for Olofsson will be scoring a goal in a 5 v 5 situation and continue to develop on the defensive end.

But for now, Victor Olofsson is setting records, and the Buffalo Sabres are 5-0-1!