Buffalo Sabres Vs Detroit Red Wings: 3 Keys To Success

DETROIT, MI - MARCH 20: Robin Lehner
DETROIT, MI - MARCH 20: Robin Lehner /

The Buffalo Sabres play the Detroit Red Wings tonight as they come off an incredible comeback win. They will have to duplicate some things and improve on others if they hope to continue winning.

The Buffalo Sabres will be in for a battle tonight against the Detroit Red Wings as they come off their big comeback win against the Vancouver Canucks. In that game, they were outplayed and outmatched for almost 40 minutes of play, but a strong third period effort and overtime lead the Sabres to victory; Ryan O’Reilly being the hero of the story.

If the Buffalo Sabres wish to continue their success against the Red Wings tonight, and even past that, there are three key things that need to happen.

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Robin Lehner

Robin Lehner has had a shaky start to the season, and that is no secret. He has been thrown to the wolves by fans left and right for his sub par performances, but he will play a key role in winning. Lehner is a hot headed goalie, and that seems to bother a lot of people. He is passionate about this game and gets visually upset when he is scored on.

This kind of behavior is not typical of most goalies. This is a position that requires a cool head and calmness throughout the game. Lehner has sound positioning in the crease, quick reflexes, and everything else a solid starting goaltender needs, but he needs to change his demeanor on the ice. When he can be seen throwing a fit after a goal against, it shows the opponents that they are in his head, and it does not give your teammates confidence that you are ready for the next play.

Lehner needs to cool his head and play the game with some more calmness.

Jack Eichel

Jack Eichel has been one of the most consistent and productive players the Buffalo Sabres have had this year. He sits tied for the team lead in points with 11 (tied with Evander Kane) and is a threat every time he steps on the ice.

Eichel will be a key element to the success of tonight’s game as his speed and hand skill will be something that can prey on the Detroit defense. The defense for the Red Wings is aged and getting slower. Trevor Daley, Niklas Kronwall, and Mike Green have all seen better days, but they still have some skill to them for sure. Jack Eichel has the kind of speed and skill that can outmatch any of these defenders, and if he plays right, he will terrorize them the whole night. (Just be sure to watch out for Kronwall at the blue line).

Ryan O’Reilly

Ryan O’Reilly seems to have gotten a bit of his stride back. He’s been winning draws, and now he is getting more involved with the scoresheet for the Buffalo Sabres. He should have some confidence going into tonight as he scored the game winning goal against Vancouver, so that should carry over to tonight as well.

O’Reilly is a leader by example and by nature. He has the skill to make plays, but he has the incredible ability to make other players around him better as well. He needs this skill to rub off on Kyle Okposo who just can’t seem to find his rhythm quite yet. O’Reilly will need to work and make chances happen for his line mates to get them going.

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The Buffalo Sabres will need to make a lot happen to put together a winning streak, but we the fans can only cheer them on as they try to make it all work. Join me at home or at the game at 7:30pm for a loud and proud LET’S GO BUFFALO!!