Fantasy hockey's most draftable Sabre

Fantasy hockey may not be the most popular fantasy game out there, but it is my personal favorite. I’ve been playing fantasy hockey since junior high. To be completely honest I don’t have any inside scoops or tips for your fantasy hockey team; however, I will give you some insight into who you should grab and when to grab them from the Buffalo Sabres.

If you’re like me it is nearly inevitable that you’re going to draft at least one Sabres player for your team- it is a blessing and a curse and I understand it. We love our Buffalo Sabres so we want at least a piece of them on our rotisserie roster. The problem is guessing when you should draft one of your beloved Sabres. All too many times someone drafts a Sabres player early on because our expectations are far too high, but in actuality we can get them in later rounds. Here are list of the top draftable players from the Sabres:

1. Ryan Miller:

This is an obvious person to draft. Now that the Sabres have bolstered their defense with more lock-down type players, it is only obvious to assume Miller will have a repeat performance or better. Miller will also play 65+ games if he stays healthy which gives him a good chance of winning 40 or more games. I also want to remind you that he won’t be playing extra games like he did in the Olympics. He proved to be resilient, but this will only makes him fresher. Expect to see Miller go in the top 10 players selected in the draft.

2. Tim Connolly:

Tim Connolly is probably your second best option on the Sabres’ roster after Miller. I know he is kind of a liability, but he stayed relatively healthy throughout the year. We all know what Connolly is capable of and we know that he often stays close to a point per game pace so he isn’t bad addition to your roster. My prediction for Connolly in a draft with 12 or so teams is around the 5th round.

3. Thomas Vanek:

I expect a much better season out of Vanek in 2011. I think he’ll return to true form and pop in 40 goals this season. If you’re in a head-to-head league his 40 goals could really benefit you. I don’t expect Vanek to be as hot of the market as he was in his somewhat dissapointing 2010 season, but he will still be looked upon for needed goal scoring. Expect Vanek to go in the 5th round as well.

4. Derek Roy:

Like him or not, Roy will produce consistently. He isn’t a superstar but you can expect that Roy will range anywhere from 60-75 points in a season. He is an ancillary player on any fantasy roster. Expect Roy to go late 5th round or more likely in the 6th round.

5. Jason Pominville:

Just like Roy you can expect a similar point range. However, there is an upside about Pominville- he has a scoring touch. Although he hasn’t reproduced his 34 goal season again, I think it is lurking around the corner. Of course I can’t guarantee anything, but I think Pominville might have the scorer’s touch this season. You can expect to see Pominville go in the 6th round.

Wild card:

Tyler Myers is my wild card pick for this fantasy season. I’m sure he’ll be drafted at some point, but who knows if he’ll do what he did last year. This is kind of a risky pick, but it is a pick that could really pay off. I’d be a bit weary if I was to pick him; however if you feel the timing is right, then snag ‘em.

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