Hurricanes Writer Gets Bold, Renews Bet

A bet is a bet is a bet.  And any person who owes someone a solid pays their due respects as the champion stands over them and gloats.  As much as possible.


Well, almost everyone.  I am still waiting for retribution from my bet with Columbus Blue Jackets writer Mary over at Fire That Cannon.  She made an ill placed and ill timed bet against me on the last game of the season, when the Sabres were getting ready for the playoffs, and the Blue Jackets were polishing nine irons – and had been for quite some time.

Not counting that bet with Mary, which I told her not to worry about anymore because, well – its like those credit card offers where they promise you something, and a year later you get something crappy in the mail and you say, what the hell?  It’s gotten to that point.  Will she pay up – probably not.  Should she – oh hell yes – especially after the hell she gave a previous writer for not doing it.  But that’s another story.

So technically, not counting that bad bet, I am 1-1 in Fansided bets. 

I lost a bet with Eugene Markmen of Broad Street Buzz. I bet him the Sabres would outlast the Philadelphia Flyers in the seven game series.  That one cost me a set of shot glasses from  My only hope now is that they shattered en route to his house; or at least after he tried to use them once.    I don’t want to me totally cruel about it, but as much as I like Eugene – I can’t stand his hockey team.

Bet number one on the network was probably the most fun.  Had I lost I would have had to rock red hair.  I actually still have the box of hair dye on my desk, just in case I might ever want to risk follicle annihilation ever again.  Thankfully it never came to that because my Buffalo Sabres made a mockery out of those NASCAR loving Carolina Hurricanes, and KP  Kelly was forced to rock an I Love Sabres T Shirt.  You might remember the pictures.  If not, lets revisit it with a blast from the past.  The BAR CRAWL OF SHAME.   Click there for all the pictures.  Here is a glimpse of how her night went after we helped dampen the playoff hopes of a team that ended not making the playoffs at all.


There is another reason to remind you of what she wore that fateful night, because – a new bet is on.

The bet – The season series between the Buffalo Sabres and Carolina Hurricanes.  It breaks down like this:

Friday October 14th Hurricanes @ Sabres (2011 Home Opener)

Friday November 18th Sabres @ Hurricanes

Friday January 6th Sabres @ Hurricanes

Wednesday March 7th Hurricanes @ Sabres

Given the fact that we only play the Hurricanes four times, in the even that the season series is even – the team who scores the most goals in the combined four games will be crowned the winner of SABRES?CANES BET 2011.

The prize –

While betting with Eugene was easy, a simple purchase from – its not as simple here as Ms. Kelly would prefer to go for the throat and bring about an embarrassing event upon herself.  Soooo… is what we have to owe up to (unlike Mary at Fire That Cannon – who talks a big game but that’s where it ends):

Hurricanes victory:  Remember that shirt (scroll up if you forgot).  Ms. Kelly will take it off the wall (she had it framed she loves the Sabres so much) and will ship it to me.  I will then have to publish pictures of me wearing it….not so bad right.  Yeah, well I will also be wearing a skirt!  Hopefully the Buffalo Sabres do not let me down.

When the Sabres win the season series, Ms. Kelly will have another walk of shame to go on, this time she will have to attend a dinner at a fine establishment dressed as a stereotypical NASCAR fan.  It should be just as good a look on her as the Blue and Gold was.



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