Dear Time Warner, MSG, and Sabres: Keep It Simple.


Dear Time Warner, MSG, and Buffalo Sabres,

 Loosen up, get back to basics, and keep it simple.

 The average fan does not care about the excuses or politics behind why Time Warner and MSG are threatening to no longer show us Buffalo Sabres games. The blame game being displayed by both entities is, to be blunt, childish and pathetic. The scrolling message that MSG runs constantly at the bottom of the screen during the games is as equally annoying as the TWC commercials during breaks. I do not care to be berated by these disgusting public displays of the dispute, nor do I care about whatever propaganda is behind it.

Many Sabres fans pay their hard earned money to support the team, buying tickets and merchandise. Many of these same fans pay their hard earned money to TWC to get the MSG broadcast in order to watch Sabres games. These same fans endure the commercials for products that MSG plays during game breaks. For both sides to complain to the public about money being the underlying issue as to why a deal has not gotten done, is disturbing. Unless both of these companies are going broke, we should not be subjected to hearing about how much money each side wants. Western NY isnt exactly a hotbed of rich individuals, this is a region mainly known for blue-collar workers.

 Loosen up, get back to basics, and keep it simple. Get a deal done.

 If Time Warner Cable drops MSG, I will have little reason to continue paying for their service. Personally, the 2 channels I mainly watch are MSG for Sabres games, and NHL Network. I could do without the 14 food channels of semi-overweight men telling me that every food item that they shove in their piehole is delicious. I also could do without the dozen music channels, that ironically no longer show music. What would I do without shows featuring unintelligent humans with burnt skin getting drunk and squabbling about nothing, without shows of people pawning random objects, the shows about peoples strange obsessions with eating chalk and drywall, without shows about tow truck drivers arguing with each other? Will my life come crashing to end if I no longer can watch Cheaters, or no longer have the all Kardashian channel, or no longer have the 24-hour Poker Player Championship ESPN channel? How will I survive without being able to see tattoo artists bicker before giving someone another tribal tattoo?

 TWC may be neglecting the fact that, with the advances of technology, there are now a wide variety of options for people to access the entertainment that they want. This does not exclude the Sabres or hockey highlights. Not only are there competitors for television service, there are also boxes, apps, streams, et cetera. MSG might be neglecting the fact that in our region, their Sabres broadcasts are about the only thing people tune into their channel for. Both parties may not even care at all about any of this, nor the consumers at all. Although, they do appear to care enough about each other to publicly rant to the media, and right in front of the consumer. Show me that you are all grown up now, and mature enough to convey a positive message that you are working towards making your customers happy – both of you.

 Loosen up, get back to basics, and keep it simple. Enough is enough already.

 As for the Buffalo Sabres, play has been lackluster lately. The highest paid team in the league, is 22nd out 30 teams. As the starters are slowly returning from injury one by one, the excuse that injuries have been a major reason for the less than stellar play is beginning to hold less weight. It is becoming more and more evident that core players need to start being held accountable for their lousy results. If the Sabres staff cannot hold the players accountable, then they should be replaced. The Roys and Staffords and Gaustads of the team were blamed in the past couple seasons for not getting the Sabres into the postseason and/or not getting us past the first round. Yet, here we are again, on the verge of 2012, and the same players are not getting the job done. Quick, someone look up the definition of insanity, as described by Benjamin Franklin!

 On Wednesday against the Devils, the Sabres suffered as a result of not keeping it simple. Players who had clear shots on goal, decided to pass it instead. Players who took shots, were wildly missing the net. Players were not finishing checks. Get back to the basics, boys (and Boyes). If you have a shot, take it. Make sure it is on net, it gives you a chance at possible rebounds and deflections. If you have someone lined up for a hit, then hit them. Just keep throwing the pucks on net. What happened to the hits that Kassian, McNabb, Gaustad, Kaleta, and McCormick were delivering in the past? Were they told to stop? The Sabres entered this season expected to be an offensive powerhouse – where are the goals from Roy, Stafford, and Boyes? Will Gerbe, Ennis and Leino contribute to the scoreboard when they return?

 The Sabres have shown flashes of brilliance at times this season, but usually only in one period spurts it seems. How about putting together a solid 60 minute effort? It doesnt have to be flashy or fancy. Just get out there and loosen up. Get back to basics and fire pucks on the net whenever possible. Keep it simple, and finish your checks.

 Do this, and we just might see some better results – for those of us who will still be able to see the games…

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