Conversation With A Vampire, Part II

Well, folks, this conversation with a Time Warner Cable representative was much more colorful than the last.

It included the rep candidly suggesting that I should get service elsewhere.

Enjoy! The name has been changed (I dont want the poor rep getting fired – at least he/she was honest).   

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My name is TimeWarnerHatesMSG. Please give me a moment while I access your account.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Thank you for staying connected with me, I appreciate your patience.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Could you please elaborate on the issue?

Andrew_: I am a die-hard Buffalo Sabres fan. I managed to either watch or attend every single regular season and playoff game since 1998. You are no longer providing MSG, so suddenly, I have missed 3 games, and probably a 4th game tonight. Is Time Warner doing anything at all to resolve the situation?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I am sorry to inform you that the decision of taking MSG away was of MSG and MSG alone.

Andrew_: So I have heard. Yet, I do not pay MSG a monthly service charge, I pay Time Warner. Buffalo Sabres games are one of the only things that I watched on your programming.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I can understand how you must be feeling as a valued customer, who is not getting the desired quality of service.

Andrew_: Is your company working towards any sort of resolution at all, or are you done with MSG for good?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I would have felt the same being in your place. As of now they are still working on a resolution and no conclusion is yet settled out.

Andrew_: Okay.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I hope you understand.

Andrew_: Truthfully, I dont.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Andrew_: I am just an average person who is now being punished as the result of two larger companies having a disagreement.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I understand your concern. I would have felt the same being in your place.

Andrew_: If you WERE in my place, what would you do?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Are you seriously asking me this?

Andrew_: Yes, I am.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Don’t you know the answer?

Andrew_: No, I do not. What is the answer?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I would have looked for a service provider who would have given me this service and at lower rates.

Andrew_: So, you are suggesting that I should leave Time Warner?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I hope my chat does not get monitored for this information.

Andrew_: I appreciate your honesty.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: May be this is the only option if I really am a sport fan.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: And if my provider is not offering me this service.

Andrew_: I am not sure how much you looked into my account information, but, I do not have other options. My account is part of a corporate account through my apartments, which Time Warner has an exclusive agreement through.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Okay.

Andrew_: Therefore, I am unable to get DirecTV. Verizon FIOS is not in my area, and U-Verse is not allowed in my state. Dish does not carry MSG.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Yes, this is were the problem lies it has become a monopoly.

Andrew_: Is Time Warner willing to do anything for me to compensate the inconveniences I am facing by not getting MSG?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I would only like to inform you that this is the decision of MSG and Time Warner is not able to convince them over this agreement.

Andrew_: Understandable. Because Time Warner has been unable to work out something with MSG, is your company willing to do anything for my inconvenience? Such as a one-time courtesy credit on my bill?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: MSG insists that in order to continue carrying their sports networks, we must pay for and carry their Fuse music channel across the entire country. We don t think it s fair to ask Time Warner Cable customers to pay for Fuse, a channel less than 1% of our customers watch.

Andrew_: I know, I read that. I honestly wouldnt care if MSG and NHL Network were the only channels that you carried. I do not care for Jersey Shore, Swamp Wars, The Kardashians, Bad Girls Club Season 9, Hoarders, GLEE, or the 27 food and cooking channels. Maybe if you would show the Garbage Pail Kids movie once in awhile, I’d feel better.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I understand.

Andrew_: MSG wants something from TWC, and TWC wants monthly payments from me. Seems that TWC is in the middle of that equation. Based on that, can you and/or TWC offer me a one-time courtesy credit on my account?

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Let me check this for you.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I have checked with my superiors and he has asked me to give you a credit for $20. Will this be fine?

Andrew_: That is better than $0, so yes. I am still utterly miserable without my Sabres though.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Okay.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: I have given you are credit for $20.00 to your account and this will reflect in your next month’s bill.

Andrew_: Thank you.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: You are welcome. Do you have anymore questions for me?

Andrew_: No thank you, enjoy your day.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Wishing you the same. It has been a pleasure assisting you.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Bye.

TimeWarnerHatesMSG: Analyst has closed chat and left the room


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