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Knee-Jerk Reaction: Sabres vs Red Wings PLUS Shepherd's Pie!

The Detroit Red Wings are on a 14 game winning streak at Joe Louis Arena. The Sabres, meanwhile, haven’t won consecutive games since phones had cords on them. BUT, the good news is that the Sabres lost their last game. So, sadly, that ups their chances to win this game…right? Is that how this works?

I’m going to be making some homemade shepherd’s pie while watching this game, so I’ll be sprinkling in some tips on how to make your own shepherd’s pie and be sure it’s delicious. My reasoning behind this is similar to why Francis Ford Coppola included the “how to make spaghetti sauce” scene in The Godfather; in case this game is a travesty, at least you’ll learn how to make food!

  • Kevin Sylvester, I think your play by play is solid and all. Just keep in mind, it’s pronounced Kron…Wall. Not Corn-Wall.
  • Luke Adam wasn’t able to get the puck from his backhand to his forehand. That’ll probably sit him down for the rest of the night. Seems like whenever the kid messes up, Lindy’s iron fist comes down on him.
  • That being said, is it crazy of me to think that benching Derek Roy or Drew Stafford would be a good move? Roy has 4 points in the last 10 games, Stafford has 5 in the last 10. The two of them look like third line grinders out on the ice, and their ice time would be put to better use by Matt Ellis. At least Ellis would hit someone every now and then.
  • Be sure to include a good amount of onion and fresh garlic with your ground beef. I use 93% lean, but that’s a health choice more than anything.
  • Marc-Andre Gragnani reminds me more and more of Dmitri Kalinin every game. Great hook there, Cap’n.
  • A questionable call negates what seemed to be an obvious icing, and Detroit makes Buffalo pay for a turnover. Jordan Leopold handed the puck to Henrik Zetterberg and Ryan Miller looks nothing like a $6.5 million goalie, so every Sabres fan knew it was going to be 1-0.
  • Here’s a joke. Ready? Knock-Knock…(who’s there?)…the Buffalo Sabres power play. Maybe Derek Roy should try to skate past 3 defenders with the extra man. It’s amazing this team played more like a, well, like a team when he was out last year.
  • Some people put green beans or lima beans in their shepherd’s pie. That’s bunk. Corn, carrots, peas. Don’t complicate things too much.
  • Lindy Ruff rewards Derek Roy’s complete lack of effort by putting him up on the top line with Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville. Lindy could acquire a corpse from the morgue and put it between those two, and the corpse would probably get a point out of it. What I’m saying here is let’s see if Roy can do as well as a dead guy.
  • Jimmy Howard absolutely shut the door on Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville on repeated close attempts. Derek Roy, as one could predict, did a whole lot of nothing. Nice shuffle, Lindy.
  • I don’t care if you don’t like Ville Leino, because he’s not Brad Richards. He’s had some of his best games of the season lately, and his near-goal came close to rewarding all his hard effort. I will eat some crow as I write this, because Drew Stafford just came as close. They’ve got to keep shelling Howard as much as possible to try to find some hole in his armor.
  • With TJ Brennan leaving the game with an upper body injury, #TheCurseOfTimConnolly continues.
  • Johan Franzen puts Detroit up 2-0. Miller looked like a rookie goaltender on that play, and Mike Weber is a minus-2 early on. Good solid start on the road, boys.
  • Go ahead and add the peas, corn, and carrots right in to the beef. Mixing the flavors together is what makes this more than just meat and potatoes with some veggies. Live a little.
  • Derek Roy was quoted by Bill Hoppe as saying, “Going forward now there’s low expectations. So now it’s easier to play…

    This guy. (photo credit Mel @ Sabrenoise)

    Alright Derek, Nik Lidstrom just put Detroit up 3-0 in the first. That should be good for taking all the pressure off you. Someone please get this guy off this team. Please.

  • After a listless, slow second period Todd Bertuzzi decided to shake things up. Yet again, Ryan Miller looked like a college goalie and Mike Weber was sure to serve the puck right up to him and the Sabres now trail 0-4.
  • Darren Helm puts the Red Wings up 5-0 just like that. Drew Miller gets the assist and helps to chase his brother, and Lindy Ruff’s system of “leaning on Ryan” comes to a halt as Jhonas Enroth takes to the ice.
  • Now is a good time to point out that the most important part of shepherd’s pie is that you cake the mashed potatoes over the ground beef / carrots / peas / corn. You want to form kind of an air tight seal with potatoes…this locks in the juices underneath so that all those wonderful flavors can blend together. Work as a team. Score 5 goals against the Buffalo Sabres.
  • At this point, what do you want me to say? The Sabres came out incredibly strong, and remained that way after the first goal. They looked like they could maybe make a game of it against the Red Wings, but there have been two key differences. First, the Sabres give the puck away to the best Red Wings players just about every chance they can. Second, Jimmy Howard is able to make a save. Two incredibly big things, but really only two.
  • Two periods down, and the Sabres fanbase is a wildfire on Twitter, via text, and calling in to radio whatsis. The two big topics are 1.) Has this team quit on Lindy Ruff and 2.) Will Lindy Ruff be fired after this game? Third in line is that Ryan Miller is a bum. HEY! You get one guess at what Jerry Sullivan’s column is going to be next week. I’ll help you out…just copy/paste a dozen tweets from Sabres fans watching this game, and be sure to throw in something about the new locker room and the owner being naive. Somebody put me on the front page!
  • Notice I left out a lot of steps in preparing the perfect shepherd’s pie? I gave you some great tweaks and key ingredients, but I left out the parts that put it together. Something something relates to the hockey team.
  • Almost two and a half periods into the game, down 0-5, Paul Gaustad finally decided to shake things up physically. This would’ve been useful after that third Detroit goal. It’s called momentum. The game’s already over, and it’s not time to pull that trigger.

This evening’s Tweet of the Game comes from WGR’s own Paul Hamilton, early on in the third period:

Team unity!


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