Sabres Fans Taking The Care Out Of It

The Buffalo Sabres lost their 12th straight road game, and 8th out of their last nine overall, dropping a 4-2 decision over the powerhouse that is Captain David Backes (insert “man-crush” emoticon here) and the St. Louis Blues.

But, you know what? I went to bed slightly apathetic. I am no longer waiting by my phone, the NHL Network ticker, or checking Sabre Noise for some big announcement from the team, saying that so-and-so was fired or traded (or better yet, BOTH). I have stopped holding my breath for Sabres General (mis)Manager Darcy Regier to finally pull the trigger on something, anything.

And, you know, if it wasn’t for this nasty head cold, I would have slept like a rock.

I am done being mad. I am over feeling stepped-on, cheated and lied to. It’s time to take the care out of it, and move forward. Now, don’t mistake my increasing detachment for lack of support for this franchise. I will never waver to uphold my passion, or the huge space (or is it chasm, at this point?) in my heart for the Sabres, as a franchise.

I just cannot stomach what has been done to this still proud, but disappointed, fan base, and have decided it’s time for acceptance regarding the dog’s breakfast that this season has become.

All I hear, from the top on down, is that Darcy Regier is working the phones. Yet nothing happens. The team continues to lose and lose, and we’re all supposed to believe that there isn’t some sort of deal that could be pulled off to perhaps wake everyone’s asses up? There wasn’t one deal on the table, at anytime during the past few weeks, that perhaps Regier was on the fence about, but could have pulled the trigger on, to show not only the fan base, but his team, that he’s actually trying? These players are practically begging for something to happen, and they are being let down by the one man that could do something about it.

Now, the blame doesn’t stop there.

I’ve seen more life on Neptune than I’ve seen in the hearts of these players the last several weeks. They have not only quit on their coach, but on each other. There is blame being thrown around the room, yet no one is looking at themselves in the mirror. These million-dollar athletes, who are practically rock stars in this city, are an embarrassment and should be ashamed. Terry Pegula came in on his white horse, started throwing money around and making countless changes to the work environment, so these coddled players would have nothing to worry about except playing hockey and winning some games, and this is how he gets paid back? With a team that is tied for last place in the Eastern Conference and 5th from the bottom of the NHL overall?

Nice job, fellas.

So, with that, I’ve decided that the season is over. There will be no “unprecedented run” to try and make the playoffs. An incapable General Manager, and selfish, heartless players have all but decided that, for me and for others. I will still report on the Sabres, still watch every single game (like a car crash, you just can’t turn away, can you?), and still have daily “water-cooler” discussions on the team with my co-workers. I’ve just decided to take the obsessiveness and care out of the equation.

There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. With every loss that piles up, we’re another day closer to perhaps the end of Darcy Regier’s (Lindy’s, as well?) reign in Buffalo. No more will we have a General Manager that is looked upon, around the league, as impossible to work with. No longer will we have to hear phrases like, “Darcy’s doing his job” or “Darcy’s trying“.

Because, you know what?

As the mighty, diminutive Yoda once said, “Do or do not. There is no try”.

And I’ve decided to stop driving myself nuts, and trying to care, whether or not the 2011-12 Buffalo Sabres succeed anymore.






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  • JacobBreunig

    Fail for Nail, and they aren’t even trying to do it

  • chriselardo

    What a great name, huh?!? Nail Yakupov. There’s still time, but as of now, they would pick 5th (so Nail probably wouldn’t be an option). But in typical Buffalo sports fashion, they will probably win just enough games to not be eligible for the draft lottery, and will miss out on Nail. They may have a shot at Alex Galchenyuk, though. And I wouldn’t be heartbroken over that.

  • dcg8

    You are on the correct thought path. The Sabres as much as I hate to say it, ought to keep up their current style of hockey; just so they can cash in on a big time draft pick. Lets refresh their memories of the 1977 draft… IF THERE IS A HIGHLY DESIRABLE GOAL SCORER AVAILABLE, WE NEED HIM…NOT A TWO WAY WINGER….. I’m just saying

  • chriselardo

    @dcg8 Correct. At this point, with the playoffs completely out of reach and a lack of identity on this team, it’s time to sell off some assets and soon-to-be free agents (i.e Roy, Stafford, Gragnani, Gaustad, Boyes, Hecht – perhaps even Miller), pile up the good, young players, prospects and picks we’d get in return (hopefully), and turn this patty-cake into some pound-cake!