Dec 7, 2011; Buffalo, NY, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Danny Briere (48) before a game against the Buffalo Sabres at the First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Briere Coming Back To Finish Career?

A recent discussion with two of my fellow puckhead friends, Andrew and Alex, we have decided to throw out the word “Rebuild.” Instead, lets replace that word with a more suitable, something along the lines of…..”Reload.”

For a rebuild, which is kind of what is going on, you need to get rid of a majority of your older players and get draft picks or up-and-coming prospects to build a team for the far future. The Sabres should be looking to fire off some of their players to get new ones who can play, not who will grow to play.

Almost like shooting rounds in a gun to put brand new ammo in, the team should go for major trades and signings.

Merely speculation on my part. But honestly why not? Daniel Briere stepped up big for us back in his tenure, earning the C on his sweater and playing his very best to get us to the hockey’s holy grail. Although he never saw the SCF with Buffalo, I think Briere was one of the best players we have ever had.

After six seasons of play, the Philadelphia Flyers are deciding to buy-out Briere and releasing him.

So, in my opinion, I think we should campaign to bring Danny back!

The great thing about this is, we won’t have to trade for him, all we need is the right price and offering for him to agree to come back to the 716.

Now I realize that he left a bitter taste in many Sabres fans mouths when he left, but you do have to realize that they just weren’t on the page contractually, under the Tom Golisano-era Sabres. Now with Terry Pegula heading the charge, who is to say he wont give Briere the contract he deserves.

You hear it all the time, players going back to a team they once played for to go out with a bang, at 35 years old, why wouldn’t Briere give it one last shot with the Blue and Gold?

Daniel was acquired from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for Chris Gratton and two draft picks in the 2002-2003.

In his four-year Buffalo career, he scored a total of 92 goals and 138 assists in 225 games with the franchise.Over the last six seasons with the Flyers, Briere has scored 124 goals and 159 assists in 364 games.

Still looking at how consistent he has been regardless of his age, he still does seem to have a spark to his game, and he is tearing up the playoffs.

In 68 postseason games, Briere has scored 37 goals and 35 assists, which in comparison to this time frame, from 2008-2013, he has scored more goals than the Buffalo Sabres have since then.

Briere was an excellent player and a great leader on and off the ice, if he is looking to continue his career, he should look no further than the Queen city to return to.

By adding him to the mix, even though it doesn’t solve the defensive problem, it does add a offensive spark that Buffalo has lost and has been looking for as well.

As of 48 hours after the end of the Stanley Cup Final, Briere will be on the market, so at the 47th hour, Buffalo should be blowing up his agents phone with offers.

Now to see if we can get Chris Drury out of retirement.

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