Captain Candidates- Who Will Captain the Sabres?

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The NHL season is right around the corner, (36 days) and the Buffalo Sabres still do not have a captain. Since trading Jason Pominville away at the trade deadline and embarking on a public rebuild the Sabres have skated on captainless. If the Sabres want to take this rebuild seriously they’ll need decide on a captain to lead them through the next two seasons.

There’s been talk about riding out the rebuild and going with the old three alternate captains approach to the next few seasons, but the Sabres can’t afford to delay in naming a captain. Naming the right captain now is the difference between a rebuild that may last two seasons or a rebuild that lasts six. The captain needs to be named early during training camp so the tone of the season and rebuild can be set from start. With the numerous young players who will get a chance to prove themselves, this season can either be a complete disaster or a surprising success; It’s important for the Sabres’ rookies to know the teams direction, which is why the right captain from the beginning is essential.

From skilled players to players who bring depth and character, the Sabres have a few options when deciding who will wear the “C” on their chest.

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  • Bill Stowers

    I would say vanek for sure until you realize he most likely will be gone. So i say steve ott. So what if vanek is pissed. He should show more loyalty in these rough times.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I don’t know if he’s so much pissed or just fed up of playing for a non-playoff team. He’s done his fair share to help the Sabres, I think he just wants some playoff success.
      I like the idea of Ott as captain… I’m just not sure he fits the role of a captain

      • Timothy Redinger

        I would rather not have Ott as the Captain. He is going to lead by example anyways – whether he has the C on his sweater or not. His style of play is better suited to wear an A. Guys are going to follow him, his heart and passion for the game.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          I tend to agree with you. The more you read and think about it, Ott’s character and style would be better for an A. He’s going to lead whether he’s the captain or not so don’t restrict his game by plasting a C on him.

    • Jes

      Nope, he’s got no contract and he basically said that this team wasn’t a playoff contender and wasn’t interested in the rebuild. Not a guy you’d want to captain your squad. The only way Vanek stays with the Sabres is if we miraculously make the playoffs and offer him the max contract, which right now is a waste because hey we are in rebuild mode. I say rotate the “C” and “A’s” and then name a captain next year. Hoping to have Ott resigned. Once that happens I’m hoping Ott gets the “C” and Ehrhoff and Foligno or Myers get the “A’s”.

  • Greg Antilla

    If Vanek is here for this season, give him the C for everything he has done for this team. Even if he leaves after this season, we still owe him a good memory in his final season here. After that it’s between Ehrhoff and Ott. Ott does some pretty goony things out there… and sometimes some really creepy stuff (see: visor licking incident). Not sure if that’s Captain material, but maybe getting the C would make him rise above that kind of stuff while also elevating his game even more. It’s a matter of pride. Same thing goes for Ehrhoff, though he seems quiet (like Pominville), it could give him a little boost.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I just don’t know if the whole “One year” captain is the right aproach for this young team… what example is it setting for the younger players?
      Vanek has done a lot for this team, if he’s willing to stay give him the C for sure.
      The only thing that holds me back with Ehrhoff is the fact that he’s so quiet and I don’t know if he’d be able to stand up in the room and command respect- I just don’t know if that’s his nature

  • qwicwted

    I think the next month is a good time for Darcy, Pegula and Rolston to find out where Vanek stands – whether he wants stay in Buffalo, be a leader and help shape the team into “his team” or if he wants to be traded. If he decides to commit, then give him the C.
    Buffalo has a lot of talented youth and the competition to make the team and get ice time is going to be fierce. A number of our youngsters have skill, a great work ethic and they don’t like to lose. I think Vanek knows that right now, the only teams that can afford him are also in a rebuilding modee and his other option would be to wait for next year and sign with MN when Heatly is gone. I’m sure Vanek also realizes that he is a fan favorite in Buffalo, the media is not as harsh and it is a great environment to live and raise a family.
    Thing is, if he stays he will have a great supporting cast – Ott, Ehrhoff and some of our youngsters that have been leaders on their teams – Girgensens, Armia, Ristolainen and McNabb to name a few.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      The great thing about the future of the Sabres is like you said, they have a great cast of youngsters who have had experience leading their teams. We’re going to have a team full of leaders which will be great for whoever does get the C as they wont stand alone.

      The Sabres need to figure out what Vanek’s future plans hold for sure before they can go any further.

  • Jerry

    Vanek is not a leader, he may be a mentor but a leader he is not… Give it to Ott.