Captain Candidates- Who Will Captain the Sabres?

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The NHL season is right around the corner, (36 days) and the Buffalo Sabres still do not have a captain. Since trading Jason Pominville away at the trade deadline and embarking on a public rebuild the Sabres have skated on captainless. If the Sabres want to take this rebuild seriously they’ll need decide on a captain to lead them through the next two seasons.

There’s been talk about riding out the rebuild and going with the old three alternate captains approach to the next few seasons, but the Sabres can’t afford to delay in naming a captain. Naming the right captain now is the difference between a rebuild that may last two seasons or a rebuild that lasts six. The captain needs to be named early during training camp so the tone of the season and rebuild can be set from start. With the numerous young players who will get a chance to prove themselves, this season can either be a complete disaster or a surprising success; It’s important for the Sabres’ rookies to know the teams direction, which is why the right captain from the beginning is essential.

From skilled players to players who bring depth and character, the Sabres have a few options when deciding who will wear the “C” on their chest.

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