How Much Longer Does Darcy Regier Have

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In 1997 – Darcy Regier was introduced as the new general manager of the Buffalo Sabres.  He replaced John Muckler and became the seventh general manager in the history of the franchise.  There are four other general managers in the game right now that share Darcy Regier’s tenure, and two that have been with their teams longer than Darcy Regier.

What makes general managers appear to be untouchable in certain organizations?  It can’t be just Stanley Cup success, as only three of the most tenured general managers in this group of seven have won a Stanley Cup with their organization.

While the Buffalo Sabres faithful continue to call for their GM to be relinquished of control of hockey operations – the team seems to stand pat with even the owner on the Regier bandwagon, asking the fans through Kevin Sylvester “what has he done wrong?”.  Here’s a look at the National Hockey Leagues most tenured general managers – and how Darcy isn’t alone in tenure or lack of success – which is playing in his favor.

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