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Critical Sabres Injuries Lost in the Brawl

It appears that the Buffalo Sabres lost more than just a preseason battle against their rival Toronto Maple Leafs last night. Not only did they lose the game, they lost their respect and most importantly may have lost two key pieces to the rebuilding puzzle. Last night’s brawl started by John Scott and Phil Kessel, may have got a little out of hand but it all started with two key injuries.

Lost in the nonsense that ensued on the ice were injuries to Marcus Foligno and Corey Tropp, and if those two are out long-term the Sabres could be in serious trouble.

Right before the Sabres scored their third goal, Foligno was fighting for the puck along the boards and was hit awkwardly by TJ Brennan causing him to fall into the boards. As the play continued and the Sabres ultimately scored, Foligno remained down on the ice in pain. As some players celebrated the goal, Cody Hodgson rushed over to make sure his new linemate was ok and skated him off the ice. The Sabres best option to play with Thomas Vanek and Hodgson goes down with an injury in preseason… uh-oh.

Upset over the non-call on Foligno, Corey Tropp decided to play hero and pick a fight. unfortunately for Tropp he started a fight with

someone much bigger and stronger and as a result was easily taken down. On his way down, after Tropp had his helmet removed, he cracked his head on the ice and was knocked unconscious. The ref literally caught Tropp and held him still while signalling for the trainer. It was a scary scene as Tropp was left in a pool of blood and was clearly hurt.

In all likely hood Tropp suffered a concussion and will have to miss some time, which is a shame for the young kid who was fighting for a spot on the Sabres roster. To make matters worse, Tropp also missed significant time last season as well. It almost goes without saying that Tropp will spend some time on the IR.

Next we move to the more crippling injury. Through training camp, Foligno had appeared to be the best man to fill the hole on the first line with Vanek and Hodgson. Hodgson and Foligno have sparked solid chemistry and were starting to fly together on the ice. But a possible shoulder injury to Foligno spells trouble for the Sabres top line and offence.

With Foligno possibly out of the line-up or even playing hurt, Ron Rolston would be smart to mix up his lines again and find someone to fill the first line void. It’s a shame to see a player like Foligno who was a having a solid preseason go down to injury and depending on how serious his shoulder injury is, this will throw a wrench into the Sabres season. Not to mention, shoulder’s are extremely tough to get a handle on and can often linger much longer than expected.

Hopefully the Sabres can dodge a bullet with Foligno and have him back soon on the top line and hopefully Tropp will be okay after that nasty fall. While all the attention may be on the brawl, let’s not forget what else the Sabres lost last night.


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  • John

    Foligno on top line? Why? He has played ok but nothing spectacular

    • Caitlin Campbell

      He’s looked solid and has sparked great chemistry with Hodgson

      • John

        Not saying hes looked bad but seems to fit that 3rd maybe 2nd line role

        • Timothy Redinger

          I think you would be wasting talent by stuffing him on the third. The Sabres are missing quite a few pieced and Vanek is the only proven top line commodity. Hodgson is close but still has a lot to learn. Foligno could be a top line winger.

          • John

            He could be a second but personally I would have the best talent on first line to make vaneks value sky high come deadline time.

          • Jes

            Ya but who else is there that’d be worthy enough to play with on that 1st line? Stafford and Ennis seem like the only ones other than Foligno that would fit on that top line on opening day. Stafford unfortunately will just drag Vanek’s value down. Armia seems like the guy to promote to the top line after a brief stint in the AHL.

          • John

            What about Mikhail? No rule he has to play center.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            I wouldn’t move Mikhail to the wing… there’s been a lot of debate about that but he needs to be kept at centre or risk completely screwing up his development. Plus Hodgson right now is a better centre

  • Joseph Williams

    I just really hope they are both ok.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Same that’s what’s most important… you hate to see a player go down to injury.

  • qwicwted

    Both guys were playing well – hope they come back soon.

  • ende

    “may have lost two key pieces to the rebuilding puzzle.” and “…injuries to Marcus Foligno and Corey Tropp, and if those two are out long-term the Sabres could be in serious trouble.”

    What on earth are you talking about?

    How do a couple injuries affect the rebuild? We’re rebuilding for a couple seasons from now. A couple injuries this season are completely irrelevant.

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