Sep 22, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bozak (42) and defenseman T.J. Brennan (25) and forward David Clarkson (71) and Buffalo Sabres defenseman Chad Ruhwedel (5) fight during the third period at the Air Canada Centre. Toronto defeated Buffalo 5-3. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: What Did you Think of the Sabres and Leafs Brawl

Anyone catch last night’s affair between the Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs? It was a heck of a hockey game- yes a hockey game was actually played- and the Sabres narrowly missed a 3 goal comeback. Game wise it wasn’t a great game by the Buffalo boys. They didn’t show up for the first period and found themselves down 2-0 early. Entering the 2nd down by just 1 the Sabres came out flying led by Cody Hodgson and Marcus Foligno but Jonathan Bernier stood tall and while Ryan Miller couldn’t keep pace. You know the way this story ends, the Sabres lose 5-3 and drop both home and home games against the Leaf, but Sunday night’s game had an interesting incident.

Unhappy about the game and Corey Tropp being knocked out in a pool of blood, the Sabres and John Scott decided they were going

to make sure the Leafs knew they wouldn’t put up with this. Long story short, Scott initiated a full-out line brawl, that included both netminders dropping the mitts and a total of 13 players being ejected. It was a crazy brawl that resembled 1970 NHL action and when the dust settled a total of 93 penalty minutes were handed out and there are certainly suspensions looming for both teams.

The fight unleashed a mix of reactions on twitter. I’ve heard just about every side of the argument. I’ve heard that John Scott is a disgrace to both the Sabres and the NHL and that there is no place for him in the game. I’ve heard that Randy Carlyle was stupid for putting Kessel out when their was clearly trouble a brew. I’ve heard people who absolutely loved the line brawl and goalie fight and I’ve also heard fans that are proud of the Sabres for sticking up for each other.

But probably the biggest argument I’ve heard is the one that the line brawl and goalie fight- which happens maybe once every 20 years- was a huge disgrace for the NHL and is sending the wrong message to kids and fans. One of my friends texted me after the game and told me that it was pathetic the NHL allows this kind of behavior when none of the other North American sports do. On the way home while listening to the radio a father called in and voiced his displeasure that his 4-year-old son and his 8-year-old friend had to witness the brawl when they preach to the kids not to fight.

Does the brawl send a bad message? Yeah it kind of does, but it’s hockey for Pete’s sake! I don’t know how many people were at the ACC last night, but every single person in the arena was standing, yelling and cheering throughout the fights- especially Miller and Bernier. The atmosphere inside that arena was priceless and something I’m proud to have witnessed. Fighting has and hopefully always will be apart of the great game of hockey. I love the notion that when you have a problem with someone you punch it out.

But since I’ve heard lot’s of mixed reviews from last night’s brawl, my question to you. What did you think of the line brawl and goalie fight? Be sure to vote and leave your opinion in the comments below.

What Did you Think of the Sabres- Leafs Line Brawl?

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  • qwicwted

    I enjoy the messages sent, what I didn’t like was Kessel’s CS act of using his stick as a weapon to hit Scott’s legs and then spear him later on while he was tied up with another player. While Scott was on the ice, it appears to me that he was all set for the faceoff – yapping at Kessel – Kessel then put his hand on Scott and all hell broke loose. Used to have some respect for Kessel – as a leader of the team he should have just continued the faceoff, instead…he instigated the fight knowing full well his team would come to his aid as he backed down swinging his stick.

    • Me Ted

      Congratulations. This is easily the dumbest, most homer sack of garbage I’ve ever read.

      • Richard Spalding

        I respect qwicwted. However, I am disappointed by how many Sabres fans are trying to tell me that Kessel instigated the fight. Kessel is a dirtbag for using his stick like he did, but the Sabres and John Scott picked the fight that led to the brawl, not Kessel.

        • Me Ted

          Agreed. Kessel deserves whatever suspension he gets. You don’t ever swing a stick at a player. Period.

        • qwicwted

          Reason why I say this Rich is because Kessel kept coming back to Scott. You know Kessel has been under pressure from the TO fans for the past few years – while he is very talented, he did come into the league with a reputation of taunting opponents and not being a team player. Throughout the last couple of years I have read numerous “trade Kessel” rumors, columns, etc. Basically, he just hasn’t fit in on the previous TO teams – so maybe he felt this was an opportune time to “become one of the boys”.
          Anyway, I can understand the push off, but can’t respect the stick and his need to keep coming back at Scott. That, I have to ?

          • Richard Spalding

            Oh no – there’s nothing that Kessel did right once the gloves were dropped. The problem is, Sabres fans can’t use what Kessel did as a way to validate what Scott was out there trying to do. The fact that Kessel acted like a punk doesn’t make the Sabres right to have John Scott out there looking to throw right after Tropp tried to take care of business. I can’t support Kessel at all; all I can say is that the game should have continued after Tropp went down, and the Sabres are the ones who didn’t let that happen.

          • Jes

            Well when a big guy like Scott comes onto the ice right after the incident and during commercial break he was yapping to the Leafs bench you know what was going to happen. Carlyle could have sent out a number of players instead of his best gifted offensive players on the ice because as we know he had last change. Leafs knew what was going to happen. They just didn’t make the right coaching decision, that is what caused the whole thing. Scott would’ve went after whoever he was lined up against.

          • Richard Spalding

            Jes – that’s my point. WHY was Scott going after anyone? No one had done anything. Tropp fought, lost clean, got injured yes but not because of anything dirty – John Scott should not have been looking to fight. Had the Sabres just resumed playing hockey, things would have gone back to normal.

  • Robert Patrick Moscato

    It is good to see a player stand up for a team mate like Cory Tropp did at the expense of his well being. Did the Sabres need to put the Scott line out there?? I don’t think so. The way I see it Phil Kessel initiated the fight by shoving his hand in Scott’s face. Kessel made it worse with his three slashes across #32 ankle’s. The biggest of the cheap shots had to be the spear to Scott’s stomach.
    It is a shame that brawl’s like this aren’t as common as they once were. I hope the league penalizes both teams fairly and evenly. Unfortunately I don’t expect Phil Kessel to be suspended for as many games as he deserves

  • J Daniel

    Testosterone was a-flowing! Maybe the refs missed some childishnes!