Sep 21, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Dallas Stars center Tyler Seguin (91) takes a shot against the St. Louis Blues during the first period at the Scottrade Center. Mandatory Credit: Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Wish List #23: Tyler Seguin

My Buffalo Sabres Wish List series is winding down, but I’m always interested in what YOU have to say, so if you have your own wish list that you would like to share, do so!  

In this post, I pick a player on the Dallas Stars roster who I would like to see play for the Buffalo Sabres.  You know how, sometimes, you look at a team roster and say to yourself, “Who the hell are these guys?”  That, for the most part, is exactly what I thought when I was visiting the Stars’ website.  Yeah, there were a few names I recognized, but not enough for me to write about them.

Thank the stars above (sorry for the pun) that the Boston Bruins traded Tyler Seguin to Dallas during the offseason!  I can write about him all day!

Tyler Seguin, F

There’s two reasons some people are going to come after me for this choice:

1) He used to play for the Boston Bruins (like that’s a good reason to turn away a talented player); and

2) He acted like a bit of an idiot at times, getting swept up in the fame and fortune that came along with playing for the Boston Bruins.

I have to think that getting traded by the Bruins had to be a gigantic wake-up call/slap in the face for Seguin; after all, he put up strong numbers last season (16-16-32) in what was mostly and up-and-down affair for him, and the year before that, he was brilliant – 67 points at the age of 20?  Are you kidding me?

Yet, the team that drafted him second in 2010 and nearly won a Stanley Cup with him shipped him out of town because of character issues, and the fact that he has struggled in the postseason.  (Never mind the fact that he is still only 21.)  If that doesn’t get his head put back on right, then I don’t know what will, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying this move will actually be a good one for this young guy.

Okay – so back to why I like Seguin.

He’s fast.   He’s got great hands, and handles the puck well.  And unlike someone like Tyler Ennis, he’s big enough that he’s not going to get plowed over, or targeted every night because he’s a shrimp.   His addition to the Sabres’ lineup would give their offense instant pop.  At the age of 20, he was the Boston Bruins’ leading scorer, and despite his post-season production being less-than-impressive, you know talent like his cannot be shut down in the playoffs forever.  He will figure out that the playoffs are a different beast, and he will adapt his game.  When that happens, the Boston bruins are going to be smacking themselves in the heads behind closed doors.

Check out Seguin’s highlights, and imagine if the Sabres shifted him to the right wing and paired him with Cody Hodgson and Thomas Vanek.  But wipe that drool off of your face – disgusting.

Is there someone else you would have picked from the Dallas Stars?  Let me hear it below, or @theamazingMrS!

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