Poll: Was Going With Co-Captains the Right Choice?

Today Ron Rolston and the Buffalo Sabres put the fans out of their misery by announcing the next captain of the Buffalo Sabres. The Buffalo Sabres have decided to move forward with both Thomas Vanek and Steve Ott co-captaining and leading the team into the future. Yes that’s correct, the Sabres entering a rebuild and needing direction decided that they could not choose just one captain and went with 2 instead.

Ott and Vanek will co-captain the Sabres, with Vanek wearing the C for home games and Ott getting the honour for away games. Because that makes perfect sense right? Now there are a few parallels to the last time the Sabres used co-captains in 2005-2006. Danny Briere and Chris Drury were the last tandem to co-captain the blue and gold and we all know how well that ended. Well both Vanek and Ott are in the last year of their contracts before they become UFA’s, is a repeat of history in order?

Somehow naming co-captains is something that only the Buffalo Sabres could think of. One captain for home and one for the road is probably a tad too much. It kind of looks like they didn’t want to hurt Thomas Vanek’s feelings so they game him the C, but really wanted to move forward with Ott as their captain. If this is the Sabres attempt at trying to convince Vanek to stay, it’s pretty sad.

It’s clear he wants out and now having to share the role of captain, with someone who easily take over the reins, won’t help matters. He may feel this is more of a snub then when Jason Pominville was given the C over him, imagine how hard it would be to captain a team when you only get to where the C at home? It’s like a step-parent trying to discipline their children; “You’re not my parent” they yell and run to the other person in charge. How long before the players start to favour one captain over the other?

Joining Ott and Vanek as the leadership of the Sabres is defenceman Christian Ehrhoff who will sport the A both at home and on the road.

The Sabres needed to pick a leader who would get the team on the right track and help them set the direction they will be heading for the rebuild and they failed to do so. Getting both Vanek and Ott on the same page will be difficult, especially since Vanek wants out-of-town and Ott is a team favourite. Ott is more vocal and will likely end up as the “real” captain of this team even when he isn’t sporting the C. But at least no one’s feelings were hurt in the naming of the captain right? Is it just me or does this seem like a move Lindy Ruff would certainly pull?

Also worth noting, this could be the second consecutive season the Sabres trade their captain away at the trade deadline. Why is this team incapable of naming a captain that will be around long-term?

Today’s poll question is pretty simple; Did the Buffalo Sabres make the right choice by going forward with co-captains? To me this screams cop-out. What do you think of the idea of having duel captains?

Was Co-Captains the Right Choice for the Sabres?

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  • Jes

    I’m now 80% sure Vanek leaves rather than the 99% it was before. Hahaha.

    All matters on the fact of playoffs. Just making it won’t make him want to stay, we gotta make some noise in playoffs for him to want to stay. First round exit won’t cut it.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m torn, from his comments after being named co-Captain he didn’t sound too excited. I still think he wants to bolt but he’ll wait and see how things play out

  • Ben Chalker

    Yeah if the team sucks out of the gate ( and theres a good chance they will ) Vanek will have had enough of this shit and bail for sure.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yup I have little doubt he’ll be gone.

  • Nuthatch

    I don’t think that being named Captain (in any form) was going to affect whether or not Vanek wanted to stay.

    And for what it’s worth, the husband & I both think that ALL Captains get traded away (except Perrault).

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I thought giving him the C might intice him to stay but I doubt it now. LOL that’s a fince concept you got and it may prove to be true.

  • chas territo

    So who is the second co-captain? The 2nd a? Plus why have a Co-Captain, let alone 2? I mean assistant captains do nothing I see in a game, unless bring a sweat towel or maybe some gatorade! Rolston blew this…Ott-1 captain!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Ott and Vanek share the C and when they’re not wearing the C, they wear the A alongside Ehrhoff.

      • chas territo

        I’m sorry, I don’t see Vanek as a Captain because of his non-emotion, robot like on-ice performance. As for the A Captain, what or why have any? Do they do anything for their role, gatorade or water for the captains or bringing sweat towel so the Captains can wipe their faces.lol

        • Timothy Redinger

          Assistant captains have the same power on the ice when it comes to discussions with the officials if the captain is otherwise incapable of having that conversation.

  • erico

    This is a Great decision. Ott the outspoken leader and vanek the inspoken leader. Vanek leads this team with skill and Ott with grit. Whether its a C or an A on their jerseys they are still bot the leaders of this team. Vanek who may show no emotion to the media may be because hes so emotional in the dressing room. He gives us an illusion so that we have no idea what goes on behind the bench. that equals no distractions. Ott will lead this team to be a tough team to play against. Show our young players how to get under teams skins and throw them off their game meanwhile still being able to creat offense

    • Timothy Redinger

      Neither player needs to have the letter on their sweater to lead in that fashion though – Vanek can still be an effective skill player without being named Captain.

      • erico

        Vanek is the offense leader on this team. How to win hockey games= good offense. he will lead our youngsters to putting puck in the net. he deserves this hands down