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Could Luke Adam Provide A Spark?

Luke Adam has almost become a forgotten name in the Buffalo Sabres organization. So forgotten that I totally forgot about him down in Rochester until his name popped up in my twitter feed. I’ve been a supporter of Luke Adam since before he joined Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek on the top line, way back to his junior days. He’s a great player but seems to have missed his window of opportunity with the Buffalo Sabres. Since seeing his name pop up in my twitter feed I went to go check him out and it turns out he’s doing pretty well down in the AHL.

Adam has 5 goals in 5 games and is leading the Rochester Americans in scoring. He also has 2 assists giving him 7 points through the first 5 games, he’s tearing up the AHL right now and the Sabres need to be taking notice. Considering the Sabres are on pace to score

something like 96 goals this season, they could use some goal scoring and there’s a certain player with the Amerks who seems to know a little something about scoring.

Adam is hot right now, he’s got his confidence back and may have turned the corner in his career, why not call him up and plug him in on the 2nd line. I mean he can’t be any worse than Tyler Ennis can he?

Adam has had a bit of a bumpy road with the Sabres and is looking for a second (maybe even third) chance to show the club that drafted him he can play. Say what you want but I believe Lindy Ruff messed with the kid’s confidence and it’s taken him awhile to “re-find” himself as a hockey player and get over the snub. Is he going to be that first line centre star that he was a few season’s ago? Probably not, but he’s a decent 2nd/3rd line centre for a team that is rebuilding and underproducing.

Luke Adam could be exactly what the Sabres need right now. He’s a spunky forward who plays with heart and can score goals when needed. He seems to have matured both on the ice and off the ice and could be ready for another shot in the NHL. He’s hot right now and would be eager to prove he’s ready and that could only help the Sabres if he’s called up. With the lack of production from the Sabres, and Adam’s hot-streak the Sabres need to call him up to see if he can spark the rest of the offence and help them get their 2nd win.

It can’t hurt to have Luke Adam with the Buffalo Sabres right now, giving him another chance could be good not only for his confidence but also his trade value. He may not be in the Sabres long-term plans but he’s arguably one of the hottest players in the entire organization at this point of time and if they want to trade him they’ll need to showcase him.

Bottom line- the Sabres aren’t producing and Luke Adam is. You need scoring, call up the kid who’s been scoring like crazy with the Amerks.

What are your thoughts on Luke Adam? Should the Sabres recall him to help ignite the offence?

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  • Dano

    As said in our other conversation I dont know why he was sent back to Rochester. Call the kid up for a few games. See what he does.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I feel that the Sabres have kind of lost faith in him and with the rising of Armia, Grigorenko, Girgensons, Larsson and others there wasn’t much room for him. But I’d love to see what he could do if he get’s called up.

  • qwicwted

    Sure, plug him in. I’m not a big Luke Adam fan, but he is a big kid and maybe can generate a few more opportunities, maybe he’ll also raise his trade value.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I think raising his trade value would be the best option for calling him up. He scoring right now could help spark the team and if he looks good he’ll be on his way out of town.

  • Timothy Redinger

    At this point what do we have to lose? I like your points in the comments about trade value – he might have a future somewhere else and could be the blue chip piece we need to get a deal over the top. I see him though as a perennial AHL scorer, never translating to the NHL though.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree he’s going to be a piece we have to throw in to get a deal done and I’m thinking it will be with a Miller trade but just a hunch.
      I’d really like to see him succeed in the NHL but you may be right Tim, just a top notch AHL guy.

  • Jacob Breunig

    I would still like to see rolston spread the love, shake up the lines a bit more, rather than two vetern lines, a rookie line and a grinder line, see if the kids can click with the vets like Adam did a few years ago. But I agree, bring Adam up to see if he can prove anything to the sabres and other teams

    • Jes


      IMO Rolston needs to split the two consistent goal scorers (Hodgson and of course Vanek) to line one and two. Grigorenko would move up to the first line where he could get a chance with a proven goal scorer and not an all rookie line up and or a line up that includes John Scott as one of his wingers. Hodgson moves down to play with Girgensons. I like Foligno and Ennis line to stay together but IMO you got to spread the wealth. We haven’t mustered a win with those 3 playing together so IMO lets just try a shake up. Not all at once but within like the next 10 games. Our forward line up IMO should look like this.

      Vanek – Grigorenko – Ennis
      Foligno – Hodgson – Girgensons
      Ott – Larsson – Stafford
      Flynn – Porter – Scott

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Or Jes you’re going to like my line-up shake-up story I’m working on for tomorrow… splitting Vanek and Hodgson up

        • Jes

          That’s awesome Caitlin. I will be looking forward to it. You better not be burying Grigorenko;).

          • Caitlin Campbell

            Oh come on the press box is a great place Grigorenko to develop! haha I think you’ll like where I have him slated.

  • Jes

    Right now Caitlin I’d let him keep lighting the lamp in Rochester. As we all know NHL and AHL are two very different leagues. He could be the best of the best in the AHL and a total nobody in the NHL. Personally I’d like him to stay in the AHL and get his trade value up. I believe he will be part of a deal involving Vanek or Miller. But if he were to be called up Caitlin who would you send down?

    Honestly he did good for one little stretch of his career and that was when he was centering the hot line of Pominville and Vanek to begin a season. Other than that he was a no show both defensively and offensively. I personally think it’s way to early to even think about giving him another chance. Maybe around Christmas time.

    That whole thing about Ruff messing with Adam’s confidence is so true. With him and many other players that came through this organization. I also believe he messed with Vanek a lot. One of the main players I think he really ruined was Maxim Afinogenov.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It certainly is a different league down there, I just believe Adam is capable of more than we’ve seen and either deserves a showcase or a 3rd chance. Don’t blame him for Ruff mistakes.
      That was my other dillema… who do we send down? There aren’t many options… could we risk losing someone on waivers?

      • Jes

        Honestly I wouldn’t mind losing McCormick or Porter to waivers. And aren’t Leino and Tropp days away from a return? I don’t see a call up really unless there is a major trade coming our way.

  • lamarred1118

    I honestly think that Darcy/the Sabres are hell bent on getting the first overall pick and that we are not going to see any kind of effort to improve the team at all from the front office this season in order to make sure they can improve their lottery position.

    • Jes

      Interesting theory. We’d be the new age Ottawa Senators lol. It’s hilarious how New Jersey has to forfeit there first rounder. Be hilarious if they get the number one pick.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Hmmm, that’s a good point but it’s too early to tell if they have their sights set on last place and first pick. We’ll know more by how they handle Miller and Vanek and Stafford and what not IMO

    • Chris D.

      I agree. All though, if to be lousy is the plan, I don’t see why Grigorenko didn’t spend another year in Junior. I have a feeling there’s a lot of politics behind why Luke Adam isn’t playing with the big club. The knock on him last year was that he didn’t play defense, but then they gave a 6 – year contract to Hodgson, who ALSO doesn’t play defense. Not a whole lot makes sense in Sabreland these days.

  • davidmuscalo

    Adam is an AHL player and that is all he will ever be. The Sabres are an AHL-caliber team so Adam would fit right in. The problem with him is the past has been his lack of stamina, but what does that matter on this punch-less Sabres team. He certainly is not going to provide a spark that gets the team going, but he won’t do any harm either.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      He can’t do any harm so why not give him a shot right>?

  • Ben Chalker

    “ignite” might be a bit ambitious… If guys like Hodgson, Vanek and Foligno can’t put it away with any kind of regularity then I think we’re facing a larger problem. one that 1 minor league call up is not going to fix.
    That said, the bottom 6 aren’t doing much to help so it can’t hurt to shake that up a little. Everyone is bitching and moaning about Grigorenko, can’t we send him down for a bit?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      The unfortunate thing with Grigorenko is he can not be sent to the AHL because of age and an agreement with the CHL. He either stays with the Sabres or goes back to the QMJHL

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