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Sound Off: Your Thought’s On John Scott’s Hit?

While the Buffalo Sabres didn’t exactly snap their losing streak last night, they managed to snap another streak of sorts, or should I say John Scott did. Surprisingly enough Buffalo Sabres tough guy, John Scott has never been suspended for anything, but after tonight he wont be able to cry innocent anymore.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard or seen the footage of the questionable hit delivered to the head of Boston Bruin’s forward Loui Eriksson by John Scott in last night’s 5-2 loss to the Bruins. The hit drew immediate backlash from the hockey world- many of our writers included- and earned Scott a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. Thankfully, although the Bruins were not pleased they did not retaliate after Scott was gone.

The hit immediately drew people calling for John Scott’s head and for his career to be over. Do I think his career should be over, no. But I really don’t think he serves a purpose being in the NHL, or at least on the Buffalo Sabres. Sure we brought Scott in to defend against the Bruins but aside from on the scoreboard the Sabres didn’t need defending tonight. Jarome Iginla may have kicked Ryan Miller but Miller handled it himself and it only took Mark Pysyk and a puck to get back at Milan Lucic. The Sabres were getting killed on the scoreboard, not in the physical play which makes one wonder why John Scott was on the ice in the third period of a fairly close hockey game. There was absolutely no need for John Scott to go and target Eriksson at that point in time.

Anyways back to the hit itself. This hit is a textbook suspension and there’s no doubt Scott will be sitting at least 5. He travels East to West, delivers a late hit and the principle target is the head. Not to mention Eriksson was clearly injured on the play. The NHL is trying to get rid of these careless, dirty hits in the NHL and considering the way Brendan Shanahan loves penalizing the Buffalo Sabres, John Scott may have just set himself up to have the book thrown at him.

To be honest, Scott deserves to have the book thrown at him for this hit and he can’t blame anyone but himself. It was a dirty hit and certainly not one that belongs in the game. You’ll have a hard time convincing myself, most hockey writers and Shanahan that this wasn’t a dirty hit. Whether he kept his elbow down or extended won’t be the debate with this hit, the head was the principle target of the hit and that’s a no-no. Considering Patrick Kaleta got 10 games for his head hit, it’s easy to think that Scott could be sitting for close to that.

John Scott has already been requested for an in-person hearing with Shanahan so we know he’ll at least be sitting 5 games, but if the NHL wants to make a point this is the perfect opportunity for them to do so. You want to get back at a team, do so on the scoreboard or by icing a decent team, not the way the Sabres have decided to do so.

Sound off in the comments your thoughts on the John Scott’s hit from last night or about John Scott in general. You’ve heard what I think, time to voice your opinion.

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  • Timothy Redinger

    The option for the in hearing was extended to Scott – he has the right to decline. Ron Rolston deserves to be fined again for player selection – I agree with your statement of why is John Scott on the ice in the third period of a relatively close hockey game?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I don’t think it matters whether he declines or not… he’ll be sitting at least 5 I’m sure. I agree that Rolston deserves to be peanalized in some way, this is the 2nd time he’s knowingly put him on the ice and had a something happen. Read a report last night that the NHL is considering fining and perhaps suspending coaches in addition to players if these hits don’t stop

      • Jes

        Lol that’s retarded. Why not suspend the equipment managers too? Hell there the reason why they have the skates and pads to get on the ice. Maybe even the owners for paying the players?

        • Caitlin Campbell

          It’s just a report I heard last night. Rolston was already fined for player selection earlier in the year…

  • lamarred1118

    Awful hit, but I’m not too bothered it happened to one of the Bruins, after all Scott’s being here is a direct result of Lucic’s hit on Miller. Who knows, maybe without aholes like Kaleta and Scott, some real hockey players can start to play, oh but wait, Darcy would never allow that to happen, it might interfere with his goal of trying to win the lottery. I wonder if numbnuts even realizes that the lottery does indeed exist and tanking doesn’t guarantee the first overall pick?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Ok I get that Scott is there because of the Lucic incident but that was nearly 3 season’s ago- can we PLEASE move on! Any retaliation now for that his is long over-due.
      There’s no guarentee of a first overall pick no but a pick will suffice- but the sole reason guys like Scott are on the Sabres is because if the incident 3 years ago and that’s a joke

      • Jes

        Not really Caitlin. Those reasons occur throughout the whole season in every season. So ya you cannot move on from that particular point. If we didn’t have Scott we could be looking at this at a whole new point because hey we were bullied every game that year, and I for one don’t want to be again. Watching Kaleta, Gaustad and the rest of the Sabres shaking in there boots every time they laced them up. To have a guy like Scott on this team makes those types of incidents not occur to a point where there non existent on our side of things.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          The Sabres have allowed the Lucic incident to cripple their team, they have allowed the Bruins and Lucic to destory their team. So you think Scott is going to help them?
          Those incidents rarely occur, look around the league there are headshots in almost every game and you don’t see other teams jumping ship on skill and signing John Scott’s.

          • Dano

            “So you think Scott is going to help them?”

            He already has. This past Boston game.. How many big hits were thrown and by who? I watch Boston play quite a bit.. They no longer intimidate the Sabres.

            You can speak of people jumping ship on skill and signing ‘ scots ‘, but it only takes a call up from the AHL to run a superstar, and all your skill isnt worth crap on LTIR.

  • Richard Spalding

    I can sound off on John Scott, but what about the NHL itself? Why are so many players targeting the head lately? I know the game is physical, but what does the PA think about this – it’s players injuring players. There’s a complete lack of disrespect on the part of so many players right now. Scott could have hit Eriksson shoulders or lower – his knees do bend. When players are purposely trying to injure their opponents, something has gone wrong.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I full agree Rich- it’s not just Scott and the Buffalo Sabres delivering questionable and dirty hits, it’s the enitre NHL. Guys like Dustin Penner, quality players are doing the same thing.
      There is no respect between players in the game today and it’s a shame. Like Claude Jullien said- Scott is there to fight and innjure and he did both of those things last night.
      But is Rolston doing throwing him on the ice?

      • Jes

        Did you see the energy we had in the third period? Absolutely nothing. Now I’m not condoning the hit on Eriksson but seriously you guys do follow the game. It wasn’t a close by any stretch of our imagination. So why not set the tempo for the next game with a fight? Scott isn’t here to fight and injure. He’s here to protect our team and he does that to a T. So wonder if Julien’s comments were the same when Lucic took out Miller or even if Thornton was to give a dirty hit to Ennis or someone.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          It was a pretty close game and IMO Scott should not have been on the ice. Instead of setting the tempo with a fight why not set the tone for next game with some goals? No one is going to respect a team that fights and injures players when they can’t win.

          • Dano

            ” No one is going to respect a team that fights and injures players when they can’t win.”

            Tell that to the 2007 Anaheim Ducks. They didnt just score goals, they used their fists, the boards and a lot of intimidation. They won the Cup!

            Goons? Travis Moen, George Parros, Brad May, Corey ‘ the punk ‘ Perry, Chris Kunitz, the Neidermeyer brothers.. Todd ‘ I smashed Moors head ‘ Bertuzzi, Shane Hnidy even Getzlaf was shedding the mitts!

            They were the closest thing to the Charlestown Cheifs to ever hit the Ice IMO.

            No-one is going to respect a team that fights and hurts players? I present you with the Broadstreet bullies ‘ Philly Flu ‘ and the recent Bruins teams that have come out pushing other teams around.

            Nobody respects a team that wont stand up for itself. You have to EARN respect.

      • Dano

        “Scott is there to fight and innjure and he did both of those things last night.”

        Whats Shawn Thortons job? How about their calling up Lane McDermit? They have 3 legitimate Goons in their AHL affiliate..

        But unlike Buffalo, their fans support what they have to a higher level. Even when they are wrong, they still support their team.

    • Dano

      “but what about the NHL itself? Why are so many players targeting the head lately? ”

      THAT is the main part of the problem.

      The NHL took away the 2 line pass ruling and wanted a faster game. Collisions and injuries are going to be more frequent.

      The Players of today dont go to the bars after the game and spend the summers on a farm. They are in the gyms bulking up and going through professional physical training. They arent having a cigarette between periods in the locker room.

      The Players of today are also quite a bit bigger on average then say those of the 1970′s.

      They are wearing a lot more protective gear which makes them feel less inclined to injury and more inclined to go full steam.

      Hitting will be out of the game soon enough and frilly panites will be a required ‘ protective ‘ gear. ;)

      When the enforcers are all gone, the Rats will be out in Packs. Head hunting, low bridges, slewfooting, knee on knee.. we are starting to see it now and what the new fans dont realize is its going to get a LOT worse.

      • Timothy Redinger

        I know that we have gone back and forth a lot over the last few days – some good, some bad, some agreeing, some disagreeing along the way – but I disagree with you.
        You can have hitting in hockey and not fighting, you can have hitting in hockey and not have major injuries. International tournaments are run every year that play by those rules and the skill level is sick.
        With every expansion – the league dilutes itself to the point where it has to let in players that might not have the greatest of skills,but play the game a certain way.
        All professional and non professional sports evolve – the game of hockey will continue to change, be it for the better or worse.

        • Dano

          Skill level is ‘ sick ‘ and the game itself is boring.

          The BEST hockey I have watched thus far, this year is the high school leagues and some ‘ bar league ‘ games. More energy and passion.

          With calling all these hits, taking away the red-line , players wont take the chance of checking their opposition. Why risk a suspension for anything?

  • Don L

    2 points…Scott’s skill level in this NHL, so why is he on the ice in a close game for a team DESPERATE for a win? to defend against Bruins mugging? To do that, you can get yourself a POWER FORWARD that can SCORE as well as HIT….aka LUCIC, IGINLA…etc. Secondly….players HURTING players…they all “ban together” during the lockout, “we are a union” (which isn’t a true union) then the game starts and heads starting rolling…literally. I thought it was the NFL with DUMB athletes….filtering into the NHL obviously.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      The Sabres are developing 2 young powerforwards in Marcus Foligno and Zemgus Girgensons. Not to mention they have Patrick Kaleta and Steve Ott… no need for Scott to stand up for these guys anymore the rest of the roster can do so.

      • Jes

        Are you serious Caitlin? Maybe Ott and Kaleta can stand up but in honesty there not good fighters. Hell Kaleta never accepts a fight so I doubt he does much. And where was this team and most importantly Kaleta when Lucic bulldozed Miller? They were all afraid. Even Gaustad was shaking in his panties. John Scott is here to do a job and he does it to a T. He also out plays some of the players on this team while on that 4th line. John Scott shouldn’t get anything over 5 games. He’s a first time offender. But as fans of a Sabres team we know we will get screwed on that as well.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          The only point I’ll agree with is that the league likes to screw over the Sabres, I do think he’ll face a heavy suspension just because of who he plays for and the media outcry.
          The Lucic/Miller incident is long in the past and it’s time for everyone to move on

      • Dano


        “no need for Scott to stand up for these guys anymore the rest of the roster can do so.”

        You cannot be serious!

        • Caitlin Campbell

          Ott and McCormick did just fine tonight

          • Dano

            How about people like Orr, McGratton, Lucic, Thorton, WestGarth, Bordeleau, McLaren

            Im hoping Scott is suspended long term and the Leafs run the living piss out of the Sabres.

            I look forward to your articles about such and watching how all the Sabres fans cry foul and ‘ victim ‘. ;)

            Between Clarkson, Orr, McClaren, Franson, Ashton, Bodie.. seeing as 2 of them have already dropped Scott last season, do you REALLY think Ott or McCormic have a chance?

            The boys are going to take a beating on the scoreboard AND in the craniums.

            Remember.. ” He shouldnt be in the NHL “. The team will be ” SUFFERING ” after that game. ;)

            The ONLY chance this team has in not giving a gallon of blood to the ice is if Scotts hearing is Monday and they give him 5 games or less.

            If they give him anything more, it might as well be the whole season as they wont want him anywhere near the Leafs after the Leafs run the living $hit out of the Sabres.

  • acpilkin

    Can we please not compare the play of Kaleta and Scott? These are two different players with two different responsibilities. Kaleta is a grinder and 4th line energy player. Scott is SUPPOSED to be a nuclear deterrent and fighter who sticks up for his team. Only one does his job.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Other than the suspension I don’t believe I compared the two at all. IMO Kaleta is the player who does his job and play the game the right way.

      • acpilkin

        No, no no. I was talking to you. I was speaking in general.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          ok cool cool. I agree they are 2 different players. IMO one serves some what of a purpose while the other does not

  • Bkoz22

    Can we please waive him? Why is he here? Should Adam be called back up to see if he can score here instead of Rochester? Can we put Stafford on the 4th line? Please? I don’t understand why things are the way they are, its not hard to see. We have Talent, We have pieces to trade, and its just a chemistry game that they can’t figure out. I see it clear as day… Go Swords 71 games to go….

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m beginning to thhink they just want the 1st overall pick and aren’t willing to change anything

  • Dano

    ” Do I think his career should be over, no.”

    You have, on several occasions, stated theres no place for Scott in the NHL.

    This isnt a subject YOU should be speaking on with your past comments being out there. Your bias was already presented.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I was trying to not let my bias enter into the equation and give you the readers a chance to voice your opinions and give Scott the benefit of the doubt.

      • Dano

        My whole thing is ‘ being equal ‘. Last night Chara gave a headshot and a 2 handed stick to the face in the Sharks game. No disciplinary action. 2 separate incidents from the same player.

        Kronwall of Detroit has been laying some dirty or ‘ boarderline ‘ hits for many years..

        How is it, in this league, they can go after certain players and then turn their backs on others?

        I dont think Chara should have had a ‘ hearing ‘ for what he did.. nor should Scott.

  • chas territo

    First off, Scott deserves a suspension! Hitting a player in the head should be automatic suspension, it’s the time of suspension that is the question. Why so many hits to the head? If you don’t know the answer to that question, your not paying attention. If, as a player you have no fear of the punishment you dare to take chances.Simple, isn’t it. Look at children, they push their parents with dumb stuff, especially if their parents mildly punish them! The league and the big pussy, Shanahan does not punish according to the offense, they punish to the money! I have a plan that would work and I will put it out there, agree or not.

    If a player is charged with a head hit in a game, automatic 2 game suspension and he goes to the league for a hearing and gets a minimum 5 games added to the 2. then if the player hit misses games, that player stays under suspension for double what the injured player misses. 2nd offense, a year suspended. If this was the rule,Shanahan would be handcuffed into fair play. The offending player(s) would then think before they acted. Plus, no hearings for the players to overturn the suspensions or/and punishment. This is a game of men, played by men and men need to be disciplined in playing and playing dirty! Discipline has 2 meanings and players and fans need to understand the different meanings. Now, does anyone besides me think this plan would work as I do?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree there needs to be tougher and more consistent discipline throughout the league

  • BryanD

    Scott’s hit dirty..and the book should be thrown at him.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      But he’s not a repeat offender?

      • BryanD

        He’s not but that was a pretty nasty shot to the head.

  • Joseph Williams

    I don’t think Scott was targeting Eriksson’s head. I think he was just trying to legally shoulder check him. Players shouldn’t be punished for incidental contact when they’re 6 inches taller than the guy they check.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I don’t see it. If you watch the video, Scott took a direct path to make sure he hit Eriksson

      • Joseph Williams

        It was definitely a late hit, and he was targeting Eriksson, but I still don’t think Scott is that malicious that he would purposely go for the head.

  • Lloyd M. Jr.

    OPEN SEASON on ANY Bruins player!