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Buffalo Sabres Vs. Anaheim Ducks Knee Jerk Reactions

I’ll be honest this was the first of the three games from the Western road trip I was able to watch, but I’m not really sure why I stayed up after the game I just watched. Tonight the Buffalo Sabres learned what a real NHL team looks like and they are far, far from that level of

hockey. The Buffalo Sabres will head back to Buffalo and attempt to pick up the pieces from tonight’s brutal game as they welcome the Los Angeles Kings to town on Tuesday.

Once again the Buffalo Sabres were a no-show in the first period and it literally cost them the game tonight. When your opposition nets a hat-trick in the first period alone you know there is a problem. Tonight is a game that pretty much everyone in the Buffalo Sabres organization would like to forget and if Darcy Regier is smart it would be both Ron Roltson and Ryan Miller‘s last games for the Sabres. The Sabres netminder deserves better than what’s in front of him right now.

Game Notes

  • Where has the Steve Ott that Buffalo Sabres’ fans fell in love with gone? The guy wearing number 9 right now is not that guy and giving him the C seems to have been a poor decision. Ott has become invisible, he rarely hits, plays weak defence, isn’t playing with his heart and clearly wants out of town. (He was on the ice for 4 goals against)
  • The Buffalo Sabres Defence is absolutely horrible, in fact I’m 90% sure they don’t have any defence. From turnovers in the defencive zone to losing their man and leaving opposing players alone in front of the net. This defence is atrocious and what’s even worse is that the forwards don’t help out in their own end either. When you watch the coverage in the Sabres end you see about 4 players standing around lost and one player running around leaving the goalie out to dry. Sure Ryan Miller wasn’t at his best tonight but with the defence- or lack there of- that the Sabres have no goaltender can help. Somebody needs to teach the defence how to play defence and in a hurry.
  • Ron Rolston need to reconsider his defencive match-ups tonight. Why have Nikita Zadorov and Mark Pysyk playing against the Ryan Getzlaf line? Pysyk has been the best defencemen but is still just a rookie and Zadorov was just a heathy scratch the other night. Clearly they were over-matched as Getzlaf nets the hat-trick in the first period.
  • On the bright side Mikhail Grigorenko finally scored his first goal of the season tonight and he decided he wasn’t done there  adding his second goal of the season in the second period. See what happens when he’s on the ice instead of the press box Rolston? With his first career two-goal game hopefully this is a sign of things to come for Grigorenko, who now has 3 career goals.
  • Another positive both Corey Tropp and Zemgus Girgensons had very strong games on offence. They didn’t get on the scoreboard but they battled all night long and were the two best players aside from Grigorenko.
  • Keeping Ryan Miller between the pipes was not a smart move by Rolston. It’s clear the team around him didn’t show up and he had no answer to stop the bleeding, Ryan Miller deserves better than this team and being kept in there tonight. Could this be his last game as a Sabre?
  • The Cody Hodgson- Matt Moulson and Tyler Ennis line fell from grace tonight as they were benched from the 13 minute mark of the second period till the end of the game. Moulson is new in town and the Sabres are trying to flip him, shouldn’t you showcase him instead of benching him?
  • Stat of the night- this is the 50th game in which Ron Rolston has been the coach of the Buffalo Sabres and the Sabres have won just 9 of those 50 games.

That was one heck of a way to end the road trip, time for the Sabres to catch the first flight out of Anaheim and regroup back in Buffalo. You can only go up from here right?

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  • Jes

    1. Get Miller out of here because he deserves a better team? LOL guy was horrible tonight. The team in front of him wasn’t the only reason we lost. He was a huge reason too. 6 goals against? 10 GAA in his last two games? Ya he sucks. Enroth came in and turned in a good 20 mins 0.00 GAA and .100 SV% (12/12), safe to say he will get another crack at the Kings on Tuesday.
    2. I thought you guys would be happy Ott cleaned up his act? In most of your guys’ columns you say he’s to much of a “pest” to be Captain and so on.
    3. Defense was horrible. Also the offensive players don’t even help the defensemen out at all so that has to change. And goaltending was horrible.
    4. Agreed CC Rolston doesn’t know what he is doing with that defense.
    5. Grigorenko easily got #1 star for me tonight followed by line mates McCormick and Tropp.
    6. I hope this is his last game in a Sabres uniform, but doubt it seeing no one really wants an underachieving goalie making $6 mill this early in the season. Elite goalies such as Lundqvist can put numbers up even on a weak team. I remember there was a time when Miller could do that but not anymore.
    7. Rolston is out of order. Regier is out of order this whole damn tam is out of order lol.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      1.Miller was not sharp no, but he had 0 help around him.
      2. I like Ott being a pest it’s what he brings to the table and he’s great at it I just don’t think he’s captain material and he’s been invisible since Vanek left.
      3. Can we agree that every aspect was bad tonight? Defence didn’t show, offence took the night off and goaltending certainly could have been better.
      4.Oh yeah Grigorenko would be first star for me tonight- hopefully he continues
      5.Someone will want Miller and when he leaves town he will excel. He’s done with Buffalo and know he gets out of town this season.

  • Andrew

    Where did you get that Rolston stat from?

    He was 15-11-5 last season…

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Sabres stats on twitter tweeted it out

      • Andrew

        Hmmm. I wonder what Mr or Ms Sabres Stats is using to cope with, haha.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          maybe they’re hanging out with the Toronto Mayor…

  • [email protected]

    Any other coach in the NHL has a season like this, they would be fired. Ruff was fired after a 6-10-1 start, and we are 3-15-1 with Rolston. So tell me why he isn’t gone yet…

    • Caitlin Campbell

      he should be gone undoubtedly but he’s not. Maybe because of the rebuild

    • Andrew

      Because Ruff had players on the team that the Sabres brass felt could compete for a Cup.

      Clearly, the brass doesn’t feel the same about this lineup.

      • [email protected]

        Understandable, I just found it to be interesting is all. Having less time “invested” in Rolston, I assume it would be an easier decision to let him go before the season is more than 1/4 finished.

  • Joe

    I believe u r one pf the people that keeps praising pysyk. Last nigbt showed his true colors. Idc if ur a rookie if ur as good as everyone says u r then letting anyone score a hat trick in the first period is just terrible. Cant blame zadarov hes 18 and hasnt played very much nhl hockey and has showed some promise but pysyk is terrible as i keep saying but noone listens

    • Caitlin Campbell

      First of all Pysyk is not terrible he has been one of the best defencemen, he’s had a rough road trip but at some point or another the kids have bad games. Zadorov needs some more time before being a full-time NHL defencemen IMO.

    • Andrew

      Pysyk IS one the Sabres best defensemen right now.

      Then again, the Sabres are last in the NHL.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        He’s still rookie ofcourse he was going to be outmatched by Ryan Getzlaf. But yes he has been the best D-men for the Sabres.

  • Kevin

    Sabres have never been worth a damn in the second game of back to back. They sure looked tired. Add that to having to deal with a line they have no answer for, bad things will happen. and they did. If that sounds like an excuse, it’s not meant to be, it’s meant to be an observation on my part.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Great observation man didn’t sound like an excuse. I agree the usually don’t fare well in back-to-back games and the Getzlaf line was just no-match for the Sabres