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Buffalo Sabres Vs. Los Angeles Kings Knee Jerk Reactions

For the second time within a week the Buffalo Sabres faced-off against the Los Angeles Kings and tonight’s match-up featured an

Olympic preview between Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick. Last time these two teams met the Kings blanked the Sabres 2-0, but tonight the Sabres were determined to beat Quick and that they did as the Buffalo Sabres won their first game on home ice in the shootout.

After a touching tribute to the troops the Buffalo Sabres got off to a lacklustre start and as usual found themselves trailing early but thanks to Steve Ott- who finally resurfaced, they managed to get back into the game. The Buffalo Sabres played one of their best, most complete games tonight and even when they had the lead they kept skating. As a result of their hard work the fans at First Niagara Centre got to see something they haven’t seen all season, a win at a home and a crowd salute.

  • After last game I asked where Steve Ott had gone and tonight he seemed to make his triumphant return. He set up Cody Hodgson for the first goal and had 10 hits tonight. I guess Ott just loves home ice, because tonight may have been his best game of the season.
  • Both Matt Moulson and Cody Hodgson answered their benching from last game as the two combined for 2 goals and 3 hits. Their effort tonight was much better and they looked like a great first line alongside Ott. Moulson even scored the first goal in the shootout. Moulson and Hodgson are back on track.
  • Once again the Buffalo Sabres got off to a very slow start but as soon as Ott set up Hodgson they found their legs and really took the game to the Kings and showed them that they weren’t going to be pushovers. But the Sabres do need to learn to start the game better.
  • What a game by Ryan Miller! Tonight was a much anticipated battle between Ryan Miller and Jonathan Quick and tonight Ryan Miller came out on top as he outplayed Quick and gave his team a shot to win. In fact if Miller hadn’t been on his game the Sabres don’t win this game. With an injury to Quick and Miller’s stellar game he may have retaken the lead for Team USA. Great game from Ryan Miller who finished with 43 saves. Yet another game with 40+ shots that Miller comes out with the W.
  • While they did manage to drag out the win they look completely lost in the defensive zone. Someone needs to teach these guys to play defence. More often than not they’re standing around, leaving people wide open. Tyler Ennis has to be harder on the puck and Henrik Tallinder has to tie up his man on the tying goal.
  • Tonight was a classic Sabres game. The Sabres want to be a hard team to play against and boy were they tonight as they hit everything that moved in a white jersey. They played hard hitting hockey and the Kings don’t like getting hit which forced them off the puck and to shy away. The Sabres finished with 31 hits.
  • Despite the win the Buffalo Sabres still need to take more shots on the opposition. They managed just 17 shots (less than last week) in the win. They had just 4 in the first and 3 in the second. They need to shoot the puck every chance they get, you can’t score if you don’t shoot.

The Buffalo Sabres got their first home win of the season and are back on the winning path, hopefully they can carry the momentum going forward.

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  • Jes

    I think you were a little to optimistic and “giving” (Dunno if that’s the right word?) in you column CC. Yes a win is a win. But this win was a grubby one if there ever was one. 45 to 17 shots in favor of the Kings. But IMO this is the time where the teams got to decide whether they are a playoff team (LOL) or a bottom feeder. The only ones actually playing out there is that first line and the goalies. Personally I’m hoping for losses all the way. I want the high picks. Because if we start winning we’ll just end up getting a 12th or 13th overall pick instead of the highly coveted first overall like years past. IMO we take the hit for the next couple of years and build with top tier talent. But whatever them are my two cents.

    • [email protected]

      Its really tough to decide whether I want to see them win, or just continue to be a bottom feeder as you said. I’ve been leaning more towards the winning side of things, but the more the season goes on I might switch sides.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        It’s a really tough line to balence. There’s a part of me that wants them to lose for the first pick but at the same time you want to be proud of your team.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thats a good point Jes, I think I was a little too optimistic after their first home win. I was excited but you’re right it was a grubby game. I guess that’s why it’s a “knee-jerk” (Ps that might have sounded mean-spirited btu it wasn’t meant to be) I thought they battled hard all night. I think we all know they’re not a playoff team and aside from the first line and nemtinders it’s a little quite.

      • qwicwted

        You know when I watch the Sabres I’m as frustrated as the rest of the fan base, but for some reason I just want to “will” them to do better. I find myself seeing the “glimpses” of their ability and it’s gotten to where I am just thinking what an “idiot” Rolston is. In a way I think they can do better…..if they had a “real” coach. I wasn’t keen on Rolston being retained and the more I hear, the more disappointed I am with the upper management/ownership of the team. I can understand wanting better draft picks, but why do so in a way that “effects” the confidence of our previous high draft picks. Benching a player and not explaining why or believing they will learn more from watching – is so destructive. I justt don’t get that kind of philosophy.

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