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Buffalo Sabres Vs. Montreal Canadiens Knee Jerk Reaction

Is it concerning that I actually didn’t think the Buffalo Sabres played that poorly? I mean it’s not exactly the type of effort or game you’d want from a playoff contending team, but considering it’s the Sabres and the way they’ve played as of late the majority of tonight wasn’t too bad in my eyes. I don’t know maybe I’ve just drunk the kool-aid and bought into the Buffalo Sabres mediocrity but tonight was a

decent effort.

Sure passes weren’t crisp, the offence wasn’t dominant (many 1 and out’s), and the defencive play was horrible as usual but the effort was there by many players tonight. The most important thing is the hustle and effort was there, I think this is the Sabres team at their best most nights, they’re going to lose a lot of close games because of silly mistakes and not enough talent. The Buffalo Sabres dropped another close game as the Habs won their 4th straight game taking this one 3-1.

  • The line of Zemgus Girgensons, Luke Adam and Mikhail Grigorenko was one of the best lines tonight. They played with energy and generated numerous chances throughout the night. Keep this line together and the chemistry and goals will definitely come. I’m hoping Girgensons-Adam and Grigorenko will all be future stables on the Sabres squad and maybe even a line in the future.
  • Marcus Foligno- and many of the Sabres- need to play smarter hockey. Foligno tried to bait P.K. Subban into a scrum after Moulson was clobbered into the boards and appeared to be hurt. The only problem is everyone knows Subban doesn’t fight, it’s not his game. So while Foligno decided to punch Subban he was the only one in the box and Subban helped the Habs score on the PP as his point shot was directed past Ryan Miller. Both Tyler Myers, who took a dumb penalty late in the game but it could also have been blamed on his 6 foot 8 frame taking on the tiny Brendan Gallagher and Tyler Ennis took bad penalties and Ennis’ resulted in the final dagger.
  • Drew Stafford and Matt Moulson returned from their vacations tonight as Stafford made a brilliant play on the Sabres opening goal as he knocked Subban off the puck and fed it to a wide open Moulson in front of the net. This was Moulson’s first goal since his debut with the Sabres. Moulson was buzzing around and nearly scored his 2nd of the night with just under a minute left. Hopefully this means Moulson is back on track.
  • When the Buffalo Sabres acquired Cody Hodgson they knew his defencive game wasn’t where it should be. When they re-signed him his defencive game still wasn’t where it should be and on tonight’s first Canadiens goal it showed. Hodgson had a brutal back-check where he just swiped at the back of his opponent who he should have been covering. Hodgson isn’t a great defencive player, but by this state in his career it should be better! Hodgson needs to step his game up and take ownership for his defencive play in his own end.
  • Tyler Myers has grown like crazy since Ted Nolan took over. His confidence has grown and he’s beginning to turn the corner both on offence and defence. He uses his size to box out and is utilizing his shot more often.
  • This one has nothing to do with the game itself tonight, but I swear Matt Moulson and Ryan Miller could be brothers. I mean they have the same facial structure, beards and shaggy hair. Am I alone in this thinking?
  • One final note. Ryan Miller and his defence (I believe Alexander Sulzer) were arguing on the bench near the end of the 3rd. Miller was quite upset and after the game none of the players gave him a stick tap as they skated by him off the ice. Sounds like there is trouble brewing in the Sabres dressing room.

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  • JHizzle75

    It’s interesting. I thought they played well tonight in a losing effort. Myers got a penalty for being tall. What’s he supposed to do? Get down on his knees to check? Didn’t notice the Miller snub at the end, but I wonder what it was about ?

    • FaramirRat

      Well if I was in Miller’s shoes, the frustration that has built up from the compounding effect of him playing mostly lights out and his defensive and some offensive players, like Hodgson, leaving him out to dry is probably finally boiling over making him angry, and causing him to voice that frustration. I really can’t blame the guy, can you?

      • Caitlin Campbell

        not a chance you can blame the guy. He battles hard every night while his team does not he’s more than frustrated

    • Caitlin Campbell

      hahah yes Myers must check on his knee’s from now on. Umm I believe Sulzer made a poor play on the 3rd goal adn Miller was not pleased

  • qwicwted

    Most likley diddlin with the puck in their own end and making bad passes. I’m sure he is frustrated as you can flashes of skill and competency and than there are just stupid errors. And the penalties are just killing us.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      the penalties are brutal and they must stop

  • Gordon Sands

    Uh oh! Criticizing Hodgson isn’t a good idea. Daddy’s going to get involved. There’s many reasons he was traded from the Canucks…

    • Caitlin Campbell

      haha Oh I know the story over there. Although the Canucks did mismanage Hodgson.

  • Dano

    “The only problem is everyone knows Subban doesn’t fight, it’s not his game.”

    PK is a Rat in the making. The type of kid everyone wants to skate by and sucker punch.

    Myers has been playing more physical as of late. He needs to learn to watch his size as the league is going after many players whom are taller for throwing good hits in smaller opponents.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I fully agree about Subban but it will only cost us like it did Foligno. Subban doesn’t fight so don’t bother him.
      I have liked Myers game as of late hopefully he continues upward and learns to manage his size

      • Dano

        Thats what a Kaleta or a Scott is for ;)

        It would be rather pleasing to see PK ( short for PunK ) with a glove covering his mouth while his teeth are laying on the ice.

  • stevedave

    Spell and grammar check your article before posting. Kook-aid? They were dominant, not dominate. Vacations don’t own anything, so it’s not vacation’s.