Dec 23, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane (88) skates with the puck against the New Jersey Devils during the second period at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

My Letter To Santa From A Buffalo Sabres Fan

“Dear Santa,

How are you? I’m doing good this year. I hope I have been good enough to be on the nice list, I know you check it twice. I might be a tad late in doing this, but if it’s anything like how the Sabres have been doing the past few weeks, I should be ok.

For Christmas, I’m not going to say that I want the Stanley Cup (even though I REALLY do), so instead, I want the pieces to help us get the Stanley Cup, so indirectly, I am asking for Lord Stanley to find it’s way to it’s rightful home in Buffalo.

Dec 14, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres head coach Ted Nolan during the game against the Calgary Flames at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We need a scorer, Santa. We have some guys like Matt Moulson and Tyler Ennis who have been showing that we can call on them to put the puck in the net. Not to sound greedy but I want MORE. We have a ton of guys who can put the puck to the net, I want a guy who can score with it using those passes. So with that, if you could please put Dany Heatley under the First Niagara Center tree, I’d really appreciate it.

Heatley is a great player, just the guy Buffalo needs. He’s getting older, I know, but if Minnesota doesn’t plan on signing him, then I believe that he would find Buffalo a great place to try and take a run at a cup. If Terry is really willing to do whatever it takes, then maybe you two can work out a deal? Maybe?

Our defense has been getting better, playing on a more consistent basis, proving that the draft picks in the past few years were not a bust, but an elite blue line in the making. But, I feel we could have one more person to help round us out.

Hmm, Santa, for Christmas, I would love to get Alex Pietrangelo. Yes, he is signed to St. Louis for 7 years, I know that would be a long shot, but knowing your Christmas magic, I am sure that you can do something to at least get some talks going. He is heating up in his career right now, and I would love to see Buffalo reap the benefits of him and what he brings to the blue-line.

Ok, so that last one might be a long-shot, almost nearly impossible, but it’s not wrong to dream right Santa?

If Pietrangelo is a definite out, a good look for Buffalo would to bring in Ryan McDonagh. McDonagh is signed by the Rangers to a 6-year 28.2 million dollar deal, but I think Buffalo can put some sweetener to the mix by pursuing the 24-year old defenseman. Through 38 games he has scored 6 goals and added 20 assists. My thought is, by bringing in someone who can shoot from the top, maybe he can influence someone to jump in front of the net and tap the puck in.

Since I am just wishing these things, one more wouldn’t hurt.

With the way the team has been playing, I would kind of like to see Patrick Kane come home to the Queen city. He may be the best possible center that we could sign, notching 22 goals and 27 assists, and I know that he has the pacing to jump right into Nolan’s new-look team and push us even further to our ultimate goal.

Kane’s contract has one-year left, worth 6.5 million, Santa, if there is a number one gift I could choose, this is the one. He is Buffalo-bred, a great two-way player, and more importantly, a center worth shelling some extra cash out to. Please please please Santa, do your best to make me and the rest of the Buffalo fanbase very happy fans. You gave us the “ButtGoal,” give us Patrick Kane!

As for goalies, I am perfectly happy with Both Miller and Enroth, so if you could just sign both to longer deals, I’ll be happy!

I hope you stay warm this year as you deliver lots of joy and holiday cheer to people all around the world. I’ll be sure to give you some cookies and milk, and some carrots for your reindeer!”

Sincerely and Merry Christmas,


From me and the whole rest of the staff at SabreNoise, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to hit us up on twitter with questions (@sabrenoise) or at our email ([email protected])!

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  • Jes

    Dany Heatley has lost his touch. He’s probably good for maybe 20 goals or less a year now. I hope to God he doesn’t come to Buffalo. His days are well behind him.

    Even God couldn’t give you Pieterangelo let alone Santa.

    McDonough is staying in a NY Rangers uniform for the foreseeable future. Del Zotto is the guy that they are trying to get rid of. I don’t know what you’d offer in return for McDonough but it’d have to be pretty nice return for the Rangers.

    • JHizzle75

      Not a big fan of Heatley, either.

  • Jes

    My letter to Santa (Quick Point Style)

    1. Please Santa can you send the Sabres into a funk so they keep losing like 90% of there games this year
    and next year so we can draft Ekblad or Reinhart in this years draft and McDavid in next years draft.

    2. Please Santa at all costs do not let the Sabres resign Ryan Miller.

    3. Please Santa bring in a new GM before the New Year comes around.

    4. Please Santa let us fleece the teams we send Ott, Miller and Moulson too.
    Thank You Very Much Santa!!!!! Have A Very Merry Christmas!!!!

    • JHizzle75

      Totally agree with the GM comment. The rest of it…..well, you know. Lol

      • Jes

        So you wouldn’t want to fleece the teams we send Ott, Moulson and Miller too? Hmmmm…

        • Sean McGrath

          Personally, despite how valuable muller is, sending him would solve an offesive/defensive problem, but then we have to worry about jhonas enroth carrying the workload for 50-60+ games, something that we arent accustomed to.
          Moulson is most likely going to be a bargaining chip to use at the deadline, but id like to see him stay.
          Ott is worth something, I just havent had much time to think about what would equal him.

          I like all three of them personally haha

          • Jes

            I believe a tandem of Enroth and Hackett can be just as effective as Halak and Elliott in St. Louis.

        • JHizzle75

          Sorry, I agree with the fleecing of teams also. My bad.

    • Dano


      • Jes


  • qwicwted

    Hey Sean, Merry Christmas. While I understand what you are wishing for, I think there are some better “toys” out there for us. Heatly – I think we could have very easily gotten him for Vanek and a prospect. I understand that Heatly is a leader in the locker-room – so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad move to sign him to a reasonable deal something like what Morrow makes. I think I would rather do something with Richards who rumor has it will be bought out after this season.
    I would love to have Pietrangelo, but I don’t see it happening just as I don’t seen McDonagh happening – but we probably could get Del Zotto which wouldn’t be a bad move. I still would like to see us trade for Pavelski or Chris Stewart. Now that Hertl may be gone for the season – why not move Moulson and Ennis for Pavelski and then move Ott and Adam for Stewart. At least with Pavelski and Stewart we would have them for a few years – same with Richards if we picked him up.

    • Sean McGrath

      I’m glad this post is getting such great feedback. I completely agree with you! I’m looking at it like this: we are going to keep moulson simply because he has stepped up to the challenge and has prospered under Nolans strategy. Heatly is mainly, IMO, a two-three year guy, someone to pick up the slack while we continue to add players, sign him, use him to mentor young guns, and then he will most likely retire. Ideal? Probably not but he could be a decent signing at the right price.

      Richards would be good, but I don’t think he will come to buffalo on sort of a pride type thing, He doesn’t want to risk putting himself in any danger of failing.

      Pietrangelo and McDonagh are simply huge wishes, nothing realistic about that at all. A kid can dream right? lol
      I like the idea of Pavleski simply because he gets stuff done, idk about Stewart.

      • Dano

        Good to see something positive and not ‘ Draft dreaming ‘. There ARE options out there my friend ;)

        Merry Christmas to you! Im hoping santa leaves you one of these ;)

        • JHizzle75

          What about me? Lol. I would enjoy that also !!!

          • Dano

            OK! I never thought I would be portrayed as some overweight white guy driving a sleigh with deer pulling it!

          • JHizzle75

            Thanks my good man! Merry Christmas to you! Here’s to a great second half of the season!

          • Jes

            No we’re talking.

        • Jes

          Bruins, really? lol

          • Dano

            Thats just the wrapping paper. ;)

      • qwicwted

        Stewart is a solid, gritty player who is in Hitchcock’s doghouse – only playing between 11-14 minutes a game. I believe you could get Stewart for Ott/Adam. Another player might be Kane for Grigorenko and McNabb or a draft pick. Shoot for that matter, I would trade Grigorenko and Meyers or Ehrhoff for Kane.

        • Jes

          Myers isn’t going anywhere.
          Grigorenko, Miller, and Ehrhoff for Crawford and Kane?

          • qwicwted

            I know you are a big fan of Myers, but after two years of looking horrible, Nolan back to basics approach has given him the opportity to raise his trade value a bit where we might be able to get something good for him. I wasn’t talking Patrick Kane, I’m talking Grigorenko and Ehrhoff or Myers for Evander Kane. I don’t see Chicago letting Patrick go, but Evander and Noel don’t get along and the rumor is that Kane is uphappy – so I could see a deal being made to move him.
            The thing with Myers is that while he is playing a little more physically, he still is making rookie mistakes – in fact he isn’t anywhere close to being lumped in with Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, McDonagh, Del Zotto or even Eckman-Larsson who are all around the same age and had the same “potential”. My feeling is trade him since he looks like he has regained some of his ability and skill before he goes back into mass confusion.
            Miller, it would really surprise me if they could move him as I think that window of opportunity has closed. I think we’re stuck with him and he may be stuck with us. But stranger things have happened.

          • Jes

            Myers is a part of the future bro. Just because back to basics type of hockey is making him better doesn’t mean he should be traded. Once he finally turned around his game then you want to trade him? Girgensons wasn’t doing good with Rolston either so should we trade him. I know he’s a rookie but back to basics raised his game. Myers has been a stud ever since Nolan has took over. You can’t blame him for one bad season and one shortened season where everyone struggled. Myers is right up there with Shattenkirk, and McDonagh. He over exceeds Del Zotto. Myers will continue to improve as the season goes. He’s been an absolute beast since Nolan took over. Probably our best defensemen not named Ehrhoff and he’s not a distant second either.

            That trade of Myers for E. Kane would be a dumb idea IMO. Guys having a horrible season and you want to add another struggling forward to our lineup? Only way I include Myers is if another stud defensemen like Bogosian came back in return for Myers. Ehrhoff I could care less about, as he has not lived up to expectations IMO. A trade of Ehrhoff and Grigorenko for Kane sounds good, but no way in hell they should deal Myers. Stud defensemen don’t grow on trees. It’s funny how people didn’t want Myers to stick around when he was struggling now he turns into beast mode and you guys still want him gone? Weird.

            Have a Merry Christmas qwitched.

          • qwicwted

            Jes, like I said – I know you are a fan of Myers – but he is a -9, has 66 hits, give me a beast like Evander Kane who has 10 goals, 9 Assists and 87 hits. Yes, I agree Myers has improved over the past month and I would love for him to keep it up – I just think it may be wishful thinking. Over the past month the whole club has improved, but is that due to Nolan sending most of the rookies down and playing more conservative or bringing in more veteran talent – could be a combination of both. McBain has improved his play, doesn’t mean I want to keep him. Am I happy with the changes – for the most part I like the change at the coaching level, but I don’t totally agree with sending ALL the rookies down.
            I understand what your saying Bro, but IMO Bflo needs to use whoever has the most trade value to get something good in return whether it is Myers or Ehrhoff, Ennis, Ott or Moulson.
            I dont’ think Kane is having a horrible season, I think he isn’t very happy and he sure looked good against the Sabres the other night. He is only 22, and as you would say a beast – and best of all – he’d be signed for a few years.

          • Jes

            You can’t compare a forwards offensive numbers to a defenseman’s, just doesn’t happen. For you to say “Yes, I agree Myers has improved over the past month and I would love for him to keep it up – I just think it may be wishful thinking,” makes it sound like you’d want Myers not to succeed.. Myers and Sabres are together for the future. You trade him, you end up trading one of the big pieces for the future. I’d trade Ristolainen before Myers. Myers has continually improved this season. McBain blows he should be let go in the offseason. Something like Foligno, Grigorenko and Ehrhoff for E. Kane and a draft pick would be a good deal .

            “I understand what your saying Bro, but IMO Bflo needs to use whoever has the most trade value to get something good in return whether it is Myers or Ehrhoff, Ennis, Ott or Moulson.”

            By that logic you might as well throw Girgensons into the mix too.

            Expendable – Ehrhoff, Weber, Ennis, Moulson, Ott, Grigorenko, Stafford, Leino, McNabb, McBain and Foligno

            Not Expendable – Myers, Ristolainen, Zadorov, Pysyk, Compher, Girgensons, Armia and Larsson

            That last paragraph you could say the exact same thing about Myers except Myers is a year older. I also think Myers +/- is getting blown out of proportion. Because we are on the worst team in the NHL and one of the worst in the NHL in goals for goals against. But we both have our opinions.

          • qwicwted

            That’s cool Jes and I understand and respect your opinion. I think both you and I have most of the same pieces on our “no-trade” list. I think we can talk all we want, but the first step is having Patty either decide to play GM himself or hire someone – then we can see what happens. Anyway, have a Merry and a Happy New Year

          • Jes

            Totally agree with ya qwitched

            You and your family have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year as well.

    • Jes

      Sulzer, Stafford, Grigorenko, 2nd and McNabb for Del Zotto and Richards? They want to get rid of Richards. It’s either they get nothing by buying him out or they get something by trading him and they save money.. I really don’t want Richards at his price tag would much rather have Jumbo Joe.

      Adam, Ott and Moulson for Pavelski, Havlat and a 1st rounder. This one a really like.

      Miller and a draft pick for Chris Stewart and Ty Rattie or Jake Allen. This is another one I would love if happened. Ty Rattie is a player for the future as is Allen. With one we could get a pure goal scorer and with the other we will get our future starting goalie. And Stewart, a player that is much like Stafford minus all the question marks.

      • qwicwted

        Jes, I try to be objective and realistic when thinking about trades or acquisitions – there are a lot of players I would really like to have but you have to have something someone wants in order to make a deal and Bflo doesn’t have that much.
        Big Joe has already said he wants to resign with the Sharks and is willing to give them a home town discount. Right now the Sharks have been playing 500 hockey – and they are 5th in their conference. With the injury to Hertl, who just had surgery, they need some scoring. I can see them doing a big trade and perhaps Buffalo offering Moulson and Ennis might just do the trick.
        I have heard that San Jose wants to unload Havlat and he may be bought out at the end of the season. So, Buffalo may decide to get in the running for Havlat, Heatly or Richards – cause I think any of them would go for the $ – although personally I probably wouldn’t bother with any unless they were in the $1-2M range.
        I also can see St. Louis doing something to shore themselves up for the playoffs – what might be a good trade would be Miller, Ott and Ehroff for Stewart, Rattie and Polak. Of course Bflo would have to retain some $, but it really wouldn’t be that much because Miller and Ott’s contracts are up at the end of the season. But, for St. Louis they would get grit, playoff goalie experience and shore up their D.
        Anyway, those are just some thoughts. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

        • Jes

          I personally wouldn’t get rid of Ennis. Him and Girgensons make a good combo.

          Every trade rumor out there are fantasies until they come true, right? So I don’t think mine were unrealistic.

  • Mike Kowal

    I personally don’t think heatley would improve the team that much. He’s over the hill at this point. I’m saying he doesn’t have talent left but I do believe Joe Pavelski is a much more appealing option. The fact of the matter is the Sabres have been missing a #1 center since 2007 and they need a player like Claude Giroux, Anze Kopitar etc. and I think that will come if we can draft McDavid in 2015. He could turn this franchise around with Cody Hodgson as our 2nd line center. I’d move Moulson, Ennis, and Stafford, Leino etc. if it meant getting a some solid skilled wingers like Alexander Semin or Patrick Kane perhaps?

    I’d like to see Ott stay because he’s the kind of guy that helps teams win championships and keeps locker rooms together. However he does not belong on the first line. He’s more of a 2nd or 3rd line agitator with a scoring touch.

    As for our defense Myers has been playing better under Nolan, Ehrhoff has been decent but adding Del Zotto could really strengthen our depth. Our bottom 2 Defensive parings concern me. In a few years I’d love to see Pysyk with Del Zotto. That paring would really mesh well with Pysyk defensive minded security balancing Del Zotto’s offensively geared scoring touch. I’d love Pietrangelo, but I agree with qwicwted – I don’t see it happening.

    Guess we’ll have to see where our team goes after we find a GM. It’s gonna be a tough couple of years here, but the talent we’ll get through the draft will be worth it. If the Sabres play their cards right we really can be Stanley Cup contenders a few years down the road. We have to trade away the dead weight, draft well, develop our players with patience and build them to their full potential.